What is the number 100 bus route in Berlin?

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What is the number 100 bus route in Berlin?

The number 100 bus route was created after the reunification of Germany as the first bus route connecting East and West Berlin thus linking so many of the sightseeing attractions that Berlin has to offer. So let’s begin at Alexanderplatz with the Television Tower as one of the city’s landmarks.

How to see Berlin by bus?

Try a Sightseeing Tour on Bus 100 Berlin! To see Berlin by bus without breaking the bank, just hop on board public bus #100 Berlin! Bus #100 crosses central Berlin from east to west (and back again). The route is mostly served by double-decker buses that provide panoramic views of the best tourist attractions and historic sites in central Berlin.

How to take a double-decker bus tour in Berlin?

The public bus line 100 starts at Zoologischer Garten railway station and ends at Alexanderplatz. Although there is no commentary on the sights, the tour is a great and inexpensive way to take a city tour in a double-decker bus. All you need is a regular AB ticket and about 60 minutes of your time. The most important stops at a glance.

Where does the 300 bus go in Berlin?

There the 300 bus turns into Alexanderstraße and passes the Jannowitzbrücke, the Ostbahnhof and the East Side Gallery up to the S-Bahnhof Warschauer Straße. The special feature of the 300 bus: electric buses are increasingly being used on this bus line.

How to make your own sightseeing tour in Berlin?

A really simple way to make your own sightseeing tour is to combine a tip on the number 100 bus with a day ticket or the Berlin Welcome Card. This way, you can get out whenever you like for the most important attractions, or just stay in the bus and enjoy looking at them in passing.

Where’s the best place to sit on a Berlin bus?

The best seat on the No. 100 bus — for both kids and adults — is naturally at the front on the upper deck, right over the bus driver. There you’ll not only get a panoramic view through the enormous windows as you roll past the city’s attractions, you’ll also feel as if you’re driving the bus yourself, right through the centre of Berlin.

How to get to Potsdamer Platz from Brandenburg Gate?

You have two options: Take Bus #100 back to the Brandenburg Gate, or return to the Brandenburg Gate on Bus #200, stopping at Potsdamer Platz along the way. If you opt for Bus #200, stay on the bus as it skirts the south edge of the Tiergarten, getting off at the skyscrapers of Potsdamer Platz.