What is the news about cosmic rays?

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What is the news about cosmic rays?

Cosmic rays zipping through the space may feed alien life found on the Earth and potentially on other planets, a new study suggests. Astronauts travelling to Mars might be at risk of long-term brain damage and even dementia due to galactic cosmic ray exposure, said a new study.

How was the OMG particle detected?

The Oh-My-God particle was an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray detected on 15 October 1991 by the Fly’s Eye camera in Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, U.S. It is the highest-energy cosmic ray ever observed.

Do cosmic rays reach Earth?

Cosmic rays constantly rain down on Earth, and while the high-energy “primary” rays collide with atoms in the Earth’s upper atmosphere and rarely make it through to the ground, “secondary” particles are ejected from this collision and do reach us on the ground.

How can we protect from cosmic radiation?

Without shielding from the atmosphere, the space station and space vehicles have no natural protection from cosmic radiation. Special shielding is added to the space station and space capsules to protect astronauts from dangerous levels of cosmic radiation.

What happens if cosmic rays hit the Earth?

No, great mysteries of the universe surround us, all the time. They even permeate us, sailing straight through our bodies. One such mystery is cosmic rays, made of tiny bits of atoms. These rays, which are passing through us at this very moment, are not harmful to us or any other life on the surface of Earth.

What NASA says about cosmic rays?

Despite their name, cosmic rays are not rays at all. When these were first discovered, scientists assumed they were rays beaming through space, similar to sunlight, and the misnomer stuck. In fact, they are tiny atomic particles released by distant and ancient interstellar events, such as supernova explosions.

What materials stop cosmic rays?

The most penetrating ionizing radiation (gamma rays and galactic cosmic rays) can pass through aluminum but is stopped by thick and dense material such as cement.

What is the NASA saw trend?

In the latest viral trend, people are finding what picture NASA posted on the day they were born and sharing it with their followers. People have found everything from galaxies to planets, and some are garnering millions of likes and views for posting the results to TikTok.

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