What is the music on the Vision Express advert?

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What is the music on the Vision Express advert?

The music in this Vision Express advert is a song called ‘Soulful Strut’ which was recorded by the American instrumental soul and jazz musical ensemble Young-Holt Unlimited and released in 1968.

What advert is Julie Walters?

Music: T. Rex – I Love to Boogie This Vision Express advert stars English actress and writer Dame Julia Mary Walters. In the video, she talks about Vision Express’s understanding that we are inspired by what we see, hence, the company’s commitment to helping people have a healthy vision that lasts a lifetime.

What is the song in the Times advert?

The music playing in The Times and The Sunday Times advert is a song titled ‘All I Need’ that was released last year by the English singer-songwriter and musician Jake Bugg.

Who sings the song when you’re smiling on Specsavers advert?

Advert: SPECSAVERS – SHEEP SHEARING Music: UNA PALLISER – MO GHILE MEAR Una features as the soloist on the Specsavers advert, singing her arrangement of Irish folk tune ‘Mo Ghile Mear’.

What is the Vision Express mole called?

Marvin the Mole
Marvin the Mole is the star of our ‘see more for less’ and ‘New eye test’ adverts showcasing our unbeatable value and encourages everyone to get their eyes tested.

Who is the guy dancing in the Specsavers advert?

Acclaimed actor Jim Gibney is the senior rocker grooving to Thin Lizzy’s Dancing In The Moonlight in the Specsavers hearing aids TV ad, which encourages customers to dance like nobody is watching.

Who is the girl in the Specsavers ad?

Hayley-Jo Whitney will be recognisable to many as the short-sighted fitness teacher who forced a group of pensioners to take part in an energetic work-out instead of their usual bingo session in the hilarious advert.

What is the song in the new Polestar ‘Goodbye Normal’ commercial?

The ad titled ‘Goodbye Normal’ features a cover version of the song ‘At Last’. In the commercial we see a white Polestar 2 5-door fastback electric car slowly being constructed in front of our eyes.

What song is used in the Argos Christmas advert for 2021?

A popular ad song for 2021 has been used in this Argos Christmas advert for 2021 titled “Baubles to last year Christmas is ON”. The commercial begins by exclaiming “This Christmas is going to be a big one as we see all the joys of Christmas to an upbeat remix

What is the music in the 2021 Tui ‘dreaming of a holiday’ commercial?

This new 2021 TUI Advert titled ‘Dreaming of a holiday’ features music by The Kaiso Brigade. In the commercial a voice over says”If you’re dreaming of a holiday, we’re looking

What is the song in the new Adele Christmas advert?

This Amazon Christmas advert titled ‘Kindness, The Greatest Gift’ features the unmistakable vocals of Adele singing a brand new song. In the 180-second ad we follow a young woman who is struggling with the mental and physical challenges of the pandemic. We see her mental health deteriorate as her anxiety

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