What is the movie Phantom of the Opera about?

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What is the movie Phantom of the Opera about?

From his hideout beneath a 19th century Paris opera house, the brooding Phantom (Gerard Butler) schemes to get closer to vocalist Christine Daae (Emmy Rossum). The Phantom, wearing a mask to hide a congenital disfigurement, strong-arms management into giving the budding starlet key roles, but Christine instead falls for arts benefactor Raoul (Patrick Wilson). Terrified at the notion of her absence, the Phantom enacts a plan to keep Christine by his side, while Raoul tries to foil the scheme.The Phantom of the Opera / Film synopsis

Where did they film Phantom of the Opera?

Pinewood Studios
Filming. Principal photography lasted from 15 September 2003 to 15 January 2004. The film was shot entirely using eight sound stages at Pinewood Studios, where, on the Pinewood backlot, the bottom half exterior of the Palais Garnier was constructed.

Who made The Phantom of the Opera film?

purchased the film rights to The Phantom of the Opera in early 1989, granting Andrew Lloyd Webber total artistic control. Despite interest from A-list directors, Lloyd Webber and Warner Bros. instantly hired Joel Schumacher to direct; Lloyd Webber had been impressed with Schumacher’s use of music in The Lost Boys.

Is Phantom of the Opera worth watching?

It is a spectacular entertainment, visually the most impressive of the British musicals. Perhaps the most old-fashioned thing about it is it’s a love story, something Broadway has not seen for quite a while. To say the score is Lloyd Webber’s best is not saying a great deal.

Who did the singing in the movie Phantom of the Opera?

All of the principal actors sang in the film except for Minnie Driver. Most of the actors have a background in musicals or opera, but Driver (a skilled singer) had no experience in opera and was dubbed by Margaret Preece, a singing teacher from Solihull, UK.

Who actually sang in The Phantom of the Opera movie?

Who have played The Phantom of the Opera?

Original casts

Character Original West End cast Original Broadway cast
The Phantom Michael Crawford
Christine Daaé Sarah Brightman Claire Moore† Sarah Brightman Patti Cohenour†
Raoul Steve Barton
Carlotta Guidicelli Rosemary Ashe Judy Kaye

Why is Phantom of the Opera so popular?

The Phantom of the Opera is a classic, musical romance film popular because of its emphasis on love, constant entertainment, and powerfully touching music.

Who did Jennifer Ellison marry?

Rob TickleJennifer Ellison / Spouse (m. 2009)

Qui a réalisé le film Le Fantôme de l’Opéra?

Un article de Wikipédia, l’encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Le Fantôme de l’Opéra (homonymie) . Le Fantôme de l’Opéra ( The Phantom of the Opera) est un film américano – britannique réalisé par Joel Schumacher et sorti en 2004 .

Quelle est la chanson du fantôme?

The Phantom of the Opera : la chanson signataire du Fantôme, avec laquelle il séduit Christine et l’attire dans son repaire sous l’Opéra. All I Ask of You : la sérénade romantique de Christine et Raoul sur les toits de l’Opéra, le fantôme se rend compte de leur grand amour.

Pourquoi le fantôme de l’Opéra version Argento est-il si déconcertant?

Le Fantôme de l’Opéra version Argento est un film assez déconcertant. Par certains aspects il donne vraiment envie de l’aimer, et puis par d’autres on sent que le réalisateur a énormément de mal à vivre avec son époque, et dès qu’il « ose », on se retrouve avec du très lourd dans la nanardise.

Qui est le réalisateur de Phantom of the Opera?

En 1988, après le succès de sa comédie musicale The Phantom of the Opera à Broadway, Andrew Lloyd Webber a décidé de transposer son œuvre sur le grand écran. Il se tourne vers le réalisateur-scénariste Joel Schumacher. La Warner Bros. s’est aussi engagée dans le projet.