What is the most accurate car pricing guide?

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What is the most accurate car pricing guide?

The Kelley Blue Book—and its equally popular website—is one of the most trusted guides for automobile pricing, used by those who are buying or selling cars. Kelley assesses the following values: private party value, trade-in value, suggested retail value, and certified pre-owned (CPO) value.

How do I assess the value of my car?

Here are some of the most popular sites:

  1. Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book, commonly abbreviated as KBB, is a leading online car value estimator.
  2. Edmunds.
  3. (NADA) National Automobile Dealer’s Association.
  4. Trade-in value.
  5. Private resale value.
  6. Certified pre-owned value.
  7. Dealer resale value.

Is KBB accurate in 2021?

For the most part, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is one of the most accurate sources when it comes to prices for buying and selling used vehicles. Kelley Blue Book is a powerful resource. However, it is just one of multiple sources that folks use to help guide them in the car buying or selling process.

How do banks determine loan value of a car?

Loan Value of Cars Take the car’s selling price and divide it by the book value being used; that will be the LTV. Then, multiply the book value by the LTV percentage. This should give you a good idea as to how much money the lender is willing to loan.

How accurate is CARFAX pricing?

Although CARFAX is not perfect, it is an excellent starting point to determine the value of the used car you are wanting to sell, trade-in, or buy, and it will give you the most accurate information because it takes the whole history into account when calculating the value.

Do banks use NADA or Kelley Blue Book?

Most banks use NADA values; however, some use Black Book or Kelley Blue Book. Ask whether their LTV percentage is calculated upon the vehicle’s “loan” value, “trade” value or “retail” value.

Where to find the best car prices?

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  • Which used car pricing guide should you trust?

    Private-party value refers to how much you will have to pay for a specific used car from a private seller.

  • Trade-in value is the amount you are likely to get from a dealer for a trade-in.
  • Suggested retail value refers to what dealers are typically asking for a specific used car.
  • What is the best used car price guide?

    There are several used-car price guides you can refer to for pricing information. The most famous are Glass’s and the CAP Black Book. These are favoured by the motor trade, but Google ‘used car…

    Where to check car price?

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  • Check the glass for cracks or chips.
  • Is the paint finish consistent?
  • Do the doors,hood,and trunk open easily?
  • Check the tread on the tires with a depth gauge.
  • Check that the tires show even wear (all the same tread depth).