What is the minimum wages in Punjab?

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What is the minimum wages in Punjab?

Currently, minimum monthly wages, fixed for different genres of workers are: Rs 9,192.3 for unskilled worker; Rs 9,972.72 for semiskilled; Rs 10, 869.72 for skilled; and Rs 11,901.72 for high-skilled workers.

What is pay scale in Punjab?

4900-10680 (PB-1)

What is the minimum salary in Pakistan?

15,000 Pakistani rupees per month
Pakistan’s Minimum Wage is the lowest amount a worker can be legally paid for his work. Most countries have a nation-wide minimum wage that all workers must be paid. Pakistan’s minimum wage is 15,000 Pakistani rupees per month ($150).

What is salary of Patwari in Punjab?

Punjab Patwari Pay Scale 2022

Designation(Post) Salary(Rs.)
Revenue Patwari in Department of Revenue Rs. 19900/-
Irrigation Booking Clerk (Patwari) Rs. 19900/-
Zilladars (PWRMDC) Rs. 35400/-
Zilladars (Dept. of Water Resources ) Rs. 35400/-

What is DC rate salary in Chandigarh?

The UT administration on Monday released the new DC rate for employees working in 436 categories in Chandigarh for 2022-23. The wages for people working in 247 categories have been increased by 15%. The salary of these employees has increased by ₹2,100 to about ₹5,000.

Which pay commission is in Punjab?

The government of Punjab announced 6th Pay Commission for the employees of Punjab Government. The department of finance has desired to develop a module of Pay fixation consequent upon announcement of the 6th Pay Commission.

What is 5th pay commission?

Fifth Pay Commission and the Armed forces The 5 CPC, in its report submitted in January 1997, recommended increase in posts for Armed Forces personnel in Group C and D in Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) from 10 to 25percent.

What is the scale of tehsildar?

In our country Pakistan, this Tehsildar post has the grade scale of BS-16. Their basic pays are Rs 15,880 and they are the minimum one, their maximum basic salaries are Rs. 54,280 and they get an increment of Rs 1280 on a yearly basis.

Is patwari a village officer?

Patwari is the village account or the administrative officer in a village who is responsible for maintaining land records of the village.

When will the new minimum wages for Punjab 2021 be released?

As per vide notification No. ST/17065 Minimum Wages has been released for the State of Punjab, Updated as on 30th November 2021. Table No. I Note : Minimum wages rate Vide Notification No. ST/17065. Note: Minimum wages of Staff Categories as mentioned I the Table.

What is the minimum rate of wages for unskilled workers in India?

The average C.P.I number for six Months ending August 2013 (Base Index) is 227. The average C.P.I number for six months from September 2019 to February 2020 is 333.6. Thus, the minimum rates of wages for Unskilled workers are Rs. 9181.71 w.e.f 01.03.2020. The average C.P.I number for six months from March 2020 to August 2020 is 334.

Where is the Labour Commission office in Punjab?

OFFICE OF THE LABOUR COMMISSIONER, PUNJAB. Model Welfare Centre, Labour Bhawan, Ph. 10, Mohali. (Statistical Branch) Dated: 28.05.2019 No-ST/ 13591 ADJUSTMENT OF MINIMUM RATES OF WAGES W.E.F. 01.03.2019 IN STATE OF PUNJAB The minimum rates of wages for Unskilled wo;.kers anci for Other categories of workers in respect of 73 employments.

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