What is the local traffic radio station?

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What is the local traffic radio station?

Local Traffic | KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO.

What does traffic mean on a car radio?

This means that the station is playing a traffic announcement right now and so you should probably stop what you’re doing and listen to the radio.

How do I contact AM730?

Contact AM730

  • Main Switchboard: 604-681-7511.
  • Office Fax: 604-331-2722.
  • Traffic Tips: 604-331-2844 or #730 on your cell phone.

Is KNX still on AM?

KNX (1070 AM) is a commercial radio station in Los Angeles, California. It airs an all-news radio format and is owned by Audacy, Inc….KNX (AM)

Logo used since 2021
Los Angeles, California
Broadcast area Southern California
Frequency 1070 kHz
Branding KNX News 97.1 FM

What does AST stand for on a radio?

Automatic station search, Ast function – TechniSat Car Radio User Manual.

Can you get traffic announcements on DAB radio?

You will not get traffic announcements if you are listening to DAB.

How do I turn off TP seek?

I know that TP can be turned off by holding the radio’s on/off button for 2 seconds, then pressing 4, and then pressing the on/off button again.

What radio station should I never listen to?

– Stay Connected With God: As we plug into the internet, we become connected to the world in terms of information and sharing of data. – Say No To Worldly Tension: The worldly tensions accompany us wherever we go but if we tune into something like a praise and worship station we suddenly feel that we – Free of cost: Religion has never been restricted.

What is the best radio station, FM or AM?

Tune a CB Radio Without SWR Meter

  • Ham Radio vs CB Radio
  • Ham Radio License
  • Improve Radio Reception
  • How Do Ham Radios Work
  • AM vs FM
  • How many AM radio stations in US?

    There Are 15,330 U.S. Radio Stations, But How Many Matter? The FCC has released new numbers show 30,367 total licensed broadcast outlets (AM/FM/TV) in the United states. That includes 4728 AM stations, 6613 commercial FM stations and 3989 educational/non-profit FM stations.

    How do I stream AM radio?

    an MP3 FM transmitter or

  • a PCI MAX 2007+FM transmitter
  • Media player software
  • Skype-in account (optional)
  • Microphone (optional)
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