What is the latest version of VueScan?

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What is the latest version of VueScan?


Developer(s) Hamrick Software (Ed Hamrick; David Hamrick)
Stable release 9.7.69 / 27 November 2021
Operating system Windows XP or later, Mac OS X Panther or later, Ubuntu Linux 8.10 or later Red Hat Linux 9 or later
Platform IA-32, x86-64, ARM32 and ARM64
Size Windows: 6 MB Mac OS: 9 MB Linux: 6 MB

How long is VueScan trial?

Your VueScan license is for life. You can continue to use it indefinitely. Free updates will last for one year. So even after your one year of free updates is over, you can continue to use a version that you have previously downloaded, you just won’t be able to download new versions without purchasing again.

Is VueScan a one time purchase?

Is VueScan a subscription? No, when you purchase the VueScan you can use it for as long as you like. Your license is for life and you don’t need to pay monthly or yearly.

Is there a free version of VueScan?

Introduction to VueScan Alternative. VueScan is a unique type of scanner driver provider. For almost all operating systems, it is available for free and paid.

Is VueScan worth the money?

Vuescan is normally the best solution to just about every scanning problem. Inexpensive and compatible with just about all scanners out there (both film and document/artwork), it is capable of excellent, professional results, and can tremendously speed up your workflow.

Is VueScan worth buying?

Beyond that, unless you’re serious about getting high-quality photo scans, there’s no reason at all to get the program. But if you want to coax the best possible quality out of whatever scanner you have, VueScan is well worth the investment.

Is VueScan any good?

Can VueScan be trusted?

Scanning Documents Vuescan makes it easy & reliable.

Is VueScan better than Epson Scan?

Epson Scan is just fractionally ahead of VueScan performance-wise. SilverFast trails both its rivals by some distance. Calculating backwards from the image dimensions as scanned, Epson Scan managed around 14.8 Megapixels/minute, just fractionally faster than VueScan’s 14.5 Megapixels/minute.

Can VueScan scan negatives?

Creating linear scans of slides and negatives with VueScan Professional. Hamrick Software’s VueScan Professional is very well suited to create linear scans of slides and negatives since the professional version of VueScan features a special RAW output mode.

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