What is the EXT button on a Scania?

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What is the EXT button on a Scania?

The EXT switch (S130) is a programmable switch with symbol and indicator lamp. Some critical, remote-activated functions are blocked until the driver has enabled re- mote activation by pressing the EXT switch. This is a general safety function which is used in a number of bodywork functions.

Where is the retarder on a Scania truck?

The Scania Retarder is integrated into the output end of the truck’s gearbox and uses high-pressure oil as a braking medium. Via a gear transmission, the Retarder acts on the output shaft of the gearbox and thus directly on the propeller shaft.

Are automatic trucks good?

Automatic semi trucks are excellent at maximizing fuel efficiency. With the computer efficiently running the gears, note that the fuel savings can be considerable.

Why trucks dont have automatic transmissions?

The only major downside to an automatic transmission semi-truck is that they’re more expensive to build and maintain. No, semi-trucks aren’t exactly the most fuel-efficient vehicles. That said, automatics are programmed to squeeze every last mile out of the trucks, whereas manuals rely on the driver to be good.

How does the retarder work?

An engine retarder captures the exhaust from the engine and compresses it so that the engine must work harder to push the gas out of the cylinders, and it therefore retards and slows the engine through resistance.

What’s better manual or automatic trucks?

While a manual transmission can allow the driver to shift gears faster, rather than waiting on the automatic model to catch up, the simplicity offered by an automatic system ensures a smoother driving experience. Automatic transmissions are simply the safer choice.

What kind of engine does a Scania P series have?

Models in the Scania P Series range: P230 Euro 4 & 5 EGR 9-litre DC9 five-cylinder 230hp P270 Euro 4 EGR (prior to April 2009) 270hp P280 Euro 4 & 5 EGR 9-litre DC9 five-cylinder 280hp P310 Euro 4 EGR (prior to April 2009) 310hp P320 Euro 4 & 5 EGR 9-litre DC9 five-cylinder 320hp P340 Euro 4 EGR DC-12 11.

What kind of tank does a Scania P380 have?

Key_information: 2010 Scania P380 day cab 8×2 rear steer with Crossland water/milk tank with all the equipment fully functional and ready to go straight to work.Well maintained and ready for work. Ready for export to any world wide port, please call or WhatsApp: + +

What kind of engine does a P310 Tipper have?

SCANIA P310 6×4 Tipper. 2005 year. Genuine 519,000 KMS. 310hp engine. 8 speed MANUAL gearbox. 6×4 double drive on steel suspension. Excellent tyres all round. Excellent truck in excellent running and driving condition.