What is the difference between spats and gaiters?

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What is the difference between spats and gaiters?

Spats, a shortening of spatterdashes, or spatter guards are a type of classic footwear accessory for outdoor wear, covering the instep and the ankle. Spats are distinct from gaiters, which are garments worn over the lower trouser leg as well as the shoe.

How do you make paper spats?

Trace the pattern directly onto the pattern paper. Weights can be helpful in keeping the pattern completely still to ensure a steady hand and correctly dimensional pattern. Cut the same cloth in half and trace the two pieces onto another section of tracing/pattern paper. This will create the other side of the spat.

Why did soldiers wear spats?

Spats is an abbreviation of ‘spatterdash’, a sartorial concept born in 18th Century England as a protective accessory for military officers’ boots against mud. By the early 20th Century, spats or gaiters were widely worn by both men and women and even integrated into shoes and boots.

How do you put on band spats?

Spats are worn with the snaps facing the outside of the body, and the strap nestled in the groove in the sole of the marching shoe. Wash or wipe off spats after each performance. Spats can be machine washed (but not dried). For stubborn marks use a pencil eraser or a Mr.

What was the purpose of mens spats?

Long gaiters, or “spatterdashes,” had been worn throughout the eighteenth century by Englishmen to protect their lower legs from country mud; by the 1870s, short versions of these were fashionable for town wear. Called spats, they were often made of the same material as trousers.

Why do soldiers wear gaiters?

Gaiters strap over the hiking boot and around the person’s leg to provide protection from branches and thorns and to prevent mud, snow, etc. from entering the top of the boot. Gaiters may also be worn as protection against snake bites. Gaiters fill the same function as puttees, a part of numerous military uniforms.

What do spats do?

How do you fasten a gaiter to a boot?

Three fasteners should go horizontally at the top, middle, and bottom of the gaiter, along one side of the open gaiter length. The fourth should go on the bottom edge, which is the narrower end. Place this fastener so it aligns with the arch area on the sole of your boot.

Can You Make your own gaiters?

Many upmarket gaiters use Gore-tex, which is a great material that is both waterproof and breathable, but this is harder to use when making your own pair. There are two different methods we’ll outline for making your own gaiters.

Why make your own ultra-light gaiters?

The ultra-light gaiters used for this are simple, and not very technical, so many people choose to make their own. If you struggle to find hiking gear that fits correctly, this might be another reason to make your own. For example, a common problem with the fit of gaiters is the tightness around the top.

How do you make gaiters with Velcro?

Cut off about 3 of the hook side of the velcro (the prickly one). Work out where the centre back of the inside of the gaiter and pin the velcro on. Sew around the velcro in a rectangle. All you need to do now is glue a piece of the loop side of velcro (the soft one) onto the heel of your shoe. Let the glue dry fully before trying the gaiters on.

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