What is the difference between LGA 1150 and LGA 1155?

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What is the difference between LGA 1150 and LGA 1155?

The numbers refer to the amount of pins found in the socket and on the CPU. 1150=1150 pins, 1151=1151 pins, and 1155=1155 pins. In the case of say 1150 vs 1155, even if you could get the CPU to fit, the functions of the pins have been switched around with LGA1150 because according to Intel, it improved efficiency.

Is the 1150 socket just as good for gaming as the 1155?

You must have an LGA 1150 socket for the Haswell processors. But yes, the Ivy Bridge processors (1155) are just as good for gaming. No, an LGA 1150 is for 4th Gen Intel CPU what that has a 4xxx while the LGA1155 is for 3XXX except for 3820/3930k/3960k/3970x.

What is the difference between 1155 and 1156/1156?

1156 = 1st gen. 1155 = 2nd gen/3rd gen. 1150 = 4th gen. I’m not gonna list every one: 1156 = Lynnfield (P55) i7-8xx/i5-7xx. 1155 = Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge (P67/Z68/Z77) i7/i5 2xxx/ 3xxx. 1150 = Haswell (Z87) i7/i5 4xxx.

What is the difference between i5 1155 and i5 1150?

1150 has a better/newer artitecture so in theory should run faster. I recently tested i5 3330 and i5 4460s, in regular daily usage you won’t see any difference. Only thing is that with 1150 motherboard (h81) it had a newer uefi bios but the 1155 (H61) had an old ami bios.

What is LGA 1151 CPU socket compatibility?

LGA 1151 CPU Socket Compatibility LGA 1151 is an upgraded version of LGA 1150 and therefore, it is the latest in the market. When it was first introduced, Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake CPU both were supported. But with the latest version or you can say the 2 nd generation of LGA 1151 only supports coffee lake CPU.

What is an 1150 socket?

The name 1150 is given to this because they have 1150 pins that connects processor to the motherboard. This socket is compatible with all the Intel chipsets as well can be used with other processors like Haswell and Broadwell.

Which is the newest i5-1155 or 1150?

The 1150 is the newest as others have said. But it suffers from crazy high temps. Because of the IHS being glued and not soldered. That being said the 1150 is a little faster clock for clock than the 1155. If you go with a 4770k perhaps you will get a decent overclocking one.

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