What is the difference between extractables and leachables?

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What is the difference between extractables and leachables?

Leachables could always be present in an inferior quality sample storage tube, whereas extractables may only be present after gamma irradiation to sterilize tubes produced in a non-sterile environment.

What is extractables and leachables testing?

Extractables and Leachables Testing is an analysis of potentially harmful materials that could be administered to a patient with a drug or device. Pharmaceutical manufacturers use laboratories to assess whether chemicals are transferring into the drug from packaging or production.

What is a leachable study?

A Leachable Study is a laboratory investigation into the qualitative and quantitative nature of a particular OINDP leachables profile(s) over the proposed shelf-life of the product.

What are leachable compounds?

Extractables & Leachables Leachables – Compounds which migrate from the packaging into the product during its normal shelf life. Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) – Impurities and reaction and breakdown products from starting substances used to produce food contact plastics.

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Which type of solvent is typically chosen for extractable studies?

In order to study the risk of materials extraction studies are performed; generally using aggressive solvent conditions including acidic, basic, organic and aqueous solvents and sohxlet or accelerated solvent extraction. It is important that the extraction process does not deform the material of interest.

What is the meaning of leaching process?

What is Leaching Process? Leaching Process describes the release of organic and inorganic contaminants or radionuclides from a solid phase into a water phase, when influenced by processes such as desorption, complexation, and mineral dissolution.

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What are extractables and leachables?

Extractables and leachables – safety-based limits. Extractables are defined as container-closure contaminants that can be extracted from plastic materials under ‘forcing’ conditions, ie, high temperatures and pressures, organic solvents, etc.

What is a leachable?

Chemical species that migrate from a packaging/delivery system, packaging component, or packaging material of construction into an associated drug product formulation under normal conditions of use or during accelerated drug product stability studies. Leachables are typically a subset of extractables or are derived from extractables.

How do you control leachables in an extraction process?

If a correlation between extractable and leachable profiles can be established, control of leachables could be accomplished via testing and limits on extractables, either on the components or on the raw materials if a correlation has been shown between the levels in the raw materials and components.

Are extractable and leachable studies appropriate for biotechnology drug products?

The FDA has increased scrutiny for extractable and leachable associated biotechnology drug products in recent years. Biologics products are particularly sensitive to leachable. Companies are increasingly looking for better ways to conserve the time and resources required for extractable or leachable studies through proper planning.