What is the difference between a WR450F and a YZ450F?

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What is the difference between a WR450F and a YZ450F?

The WR450F uses the same engine cases, cylinder, piston, conrod, camshafts, cylinder head and wet-sump lubrication system as the YZ450F, but it gets a wider-ratio five-speed transmission.

When did KTM EXC go Fuel Injected?

THE DIRECT-INJECTION SYSTEM What is it?: This next-generation engine came in 2012, with two injectors positioned laterally and injecting directly into the combustion chamber. It was simple and lightweight and robust.

Is a KTM 450 EXC a good bike?

The KTM 450 EXC is the ideal motorcycle for enduro riders at all levels of the sport. It’s perfect for beginner riders which are just starting out, all the way through to expert riders looking to push things to the limit.

How much is a 2007 KTM 450 EXC worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $7,448 $1,905
Options (Add)
Total Price $7,448 $1,905

Whats the difference between YZ450F and FX?

Above that, it’s all FX. The Yamaha YZ450FX is a close relative of the YZ450F motocross bike but with more range, softer suspension, smoother power and a wide-ratio five-speed. Off-road riders, in general, hate leaving anything alone. The knee-jerk tendency for most WR owners will be to look for more power.

Should you buy a Yamaha WR450F?

But for guys who come from a motocross background and like aggressive power, the harder-revving WR450F will definitely tempt them. And of course, Yamaha die-hards will be all over the new WR450F.

Should you buy a 450cc enduro dirt bike?

Despite the fact that many blokes would be far better off aboard a more manageable 250 or 350cc enduro machine, Australian riders routinely prioritise horsepower above all else. Which is why the 450cc enduro bike segment has attracted the lion’s share of money spent on dirt bikes in this country for years.

What is it like to ride a KTM?

Its engine likes to be revved, its cockpit is more like an MX bike’s, and its suspension is almost impossible to bottom. It’s the first time I’ve tested a KTM against another bike and felt that its engine and suspension was more trail-oriented.

Is the WR450F back in the game?

“For the past six or seven years, the WR450F hasn’t even been close to the Kato, but is definitely back in the game now. And for a guy like me who’s spent much of his riding career in race-mode, this new Yami appeals to me much more than its predecessors.

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