What is the dictionary definition of Christmas?

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What is the dictionary definition of Christmas?

noun. the annual festival of the Christian church commemorating the birth of Jesus: celebrated on December 25 and now generally observed as a legal holiday and, for many, an occasion for exchanging gifts. Christmastime. Christmastide. adjective.

Is livechat one word?

Live chat (live support) is technology that provides companies with a way to interact with users when they visit an organization’s media properties.

What does chat with SB mean?

Meaning. to have a friendly talk with someone.

What does tchotchke mean in Yiddish?

A tchotchke is a small, cheap, ornamental trinket or souvenir; a knickknack. Tchotchke is taken from Yiddish, a dialect of German based on Hebrew. It has several English spellings, including chotchke, tchachke, and chachki. In Yiddish, it is also sometimes used as a term for a young girl or pretty woman.

What is the meaning of live talk?

a discussion between people, especially an expert, famous person, etc. and members of the public, that involves sending messages over the internet and in which anyone can take part: Did you miss our live chat with an allergy expert?

What is another word for tchotchke?

Knickknack, doodad, gewgaw, and whatnot are some of the more common ones. While many such words are of unknown origin, we know that tchotchke comes from the Yiddish tshatshke of the same meaning, and ultimately from a now-obsolete Polish word, czaczko.

Who invented live chat?

The first online chat system was called Talkomatic, created by Doug Brown and David R. Woolley in 1973 on the PLATO System at the University of Illinois.

What means live chat?

Live chat is a form of customer messaging software that allows customers to speak directly with a company’s representatives — usually those in customer service and technical support and other roles. Live chat is a messaging system for business which works as a pop-up chat window within a company’s website.

What is the true meaning of Christmas in the Bible?

What is the true meaning of Christmas? The true meaning of Christmas is love. John 3:16-17 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

Does Christmas have any meaning anymore?

The humble birth of Jesus Christ was never intended to conceal the reality that God was being born into the world. But the modern world’s version of Christmas does just that. And consequently for the greater part of humanity, Christmas has no legitimate meaning at all.

What is the central truth of the Christmas Story?

The central truth of the Christmas story is this: the Child of Christmas is God. Christmas is not about the Savior’s infancy; it is about His deity. The humble birth of Jesus Christ was never intended to conceal the reality that God was being born into the world.

Is Jesus Christ the child of Christmas?

The answer may just surprise you. For many, Christmas is the time to think of Jesus Christ as a baby in a manger. While the birth of Christ is a special and miraculous event, it isn’t the primary focus. The central truth of the Christmas story is this: the Child of Christmas is God.

What does all in mean?

In American usage, the phrase “all in” began as a colloquial expression meaning to be in a bad spot—exhausted, worn out, and spent. In the game of poker, it refers to the moment when a player—whether out of bravado, recklessness, or desperation—bets all of his or her chips on a single hand.

What’s another term for Christmas?

In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for christmas, like: birth of the Christ Child, xmas, christmas-eve, noel, yuletide, yule, christmastime, X’mas, holiday, Dec 25 and new-year.

What does B all and end-all mean?

Definition of the be-all and end-all : the most important part of something or the reason for something He acts as if making money is the be-all and end-all of human existence.

What is the meaning of I’m in?

“I’m in” means “Include me,” as in, “That’s a good plan. I’m in.” “I’m into something,” means. * “I really enjoy something,” as in, “I’m into jazz,” or, * “I owe a debt,” as in, “Bob paid for my taxi.

What’s the opposite of Christmas?

The word Christmas is the name of an annual Christian religious holiday. Here’s a list of antonyms for holiday….What is the opposite of Christmas?

continuation funeral
working day term

Why is Christmas called bada din?

It is said that before Christmas was also named as Roman Festival in India, people used to give gifts to each other in this beautiful occasion. When gradually Christian civilization began to flourish in India, they started to celebrate this festival as Bada Din.

What is the meaning of idiom kick the bucket?

to die
The idiom to ‘ kick the bucket ‘ means to die and is normally used in very informal contexts. Eg: The old mankicked the bucket, a few hours ago. It may also be used when a machine has broken down in such a way that it cannot be repaired.

What does Imon mean in texting?

It’s Meow Or Never. 2. IMON. Intelligent Multiservice Optical Network. Accounting, Computing, Data.

What is Christmas and why do Christians celebrate it?

It’s when Christians celebrate God’s love for the world through the birth of the Christ child: Jesus. The Bible tells of his birth hundreds of years before, fulfilling prophecies. The Christmas story is recorded in Luke 2:4-19.

What is the etymology of Xmas?

Etymology. Xmas is an abbreviation of Christmas found particularly in print, based on the initial letter chi (Χ) in Greek Khrīstos (Χριστός), “Christ”, though numerous style guides discourage its use; it has precedent in Middle English Χρ̄es masse (where “Χρ̄” is an abbreviation for Χριστός).

What is the origin of the word Christenmas?

The form Christenmas was also historically used, but is now considered archaic and dialectal. The term derives from Middle English Cristenmasse, meaning “Christian mass”.

Why do we say’Merry Christmas’at Christmas?

A prominent phrase from the tale, “Merry Christmas”, was popularized following the appearance of the story. This coincided with the appearance of the Oxford Movement and the growth of Anglo-Catholicism, which led a revival in traditional rituals and religious observances. The term Scrooge became a synonym for miser, with “Bah! Humbug!”

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