What is the cost of a Disney park pass for residents?

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What is the cost of a Disney park pass for residents?

Enjoy the magic all year long with an Annual Pass. Florida Resident Disney Pixie Dust Pass is $19 per month, plus down payment.

How much is a 2021 Disney annual pass?

Getting an annual pass for Walt Disney World is one of the biggest decisions a Disney traveler can face. You’re looking at roughly $1300 a year right off the bat, plus the cost of the vacations you’ll have to plan to get value out of the pass.

Are Disney annual passes only for Florida residents?

This pass is for anyone whether you are a Florida resident or not. If you do not live in Florida or are a DVC member, this is the only pass that you can choose from.

Is Disney selling annual passes now?

Per Walt Disney World’s Know Before You Go page: “We are pausing new sales of select Annual Passes. All current Passholders can renew into any of our four pass types – at their renewal rate – and continue to visit using their pass. We will continue to evaluate the return of new sales for these passes.

Can non Florida residents buy annual passes?

Summarized, guests outside of Florida have about the same decision as they did before. They can get the Disney Incredi-Pass without the addition of water parks and it’s basically the old Platinum Pass. They can get the Disney Incredi-Pass and add on the water parks option and it’s basically the old Platinum Plus Pass.

Does Florida residents check Disney ID?

You have the option to verify Florida residency online before your arrival via the Walt Disney World website! You will need one of the following forms of identification: valid Florida driver’s license, valid Florida state-issued ID card, or valid Florida-based military ID (all must have a Florida address).

Do Disney annual passes go on sale?

But recently, former Annual Passholders and wannabe Passholders have been facing a big issue — most passes aren’t on sale currently! A little background — Disney World introduced a revamped annual pass program in 2021 after sales had been paused for many months due to the pandemic.

Are Disney Annual passes coming back 2022?

Disney accidentally resumed selling annual passes to DVC owners, and Florida residents on June 28th 2022 for about 30 minutes.

Can Florida residents buy Disney passes for family?

Proof of Florida Residency is required for every ticket purchased with a Florida Resident discount. A Florida Resident would not be able to purchase a ticket for their family or friends unless they too have a Florida address, as that is required at the time of purchase.

How much are yearly passes to Disney?

Disney Pixie Dust Pass

  • Disney Pirate Pass
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass
  • Disney Incredi-Pass
  • Did Disney World stop selling annual passes?

    Walt Disney World is no longer selling new annual passes, but it is allowing those with a pass to renew them, unlike Disneyland in California, which canceled its annual pass program. [ JOE BURBANK | AP ]

    Do Florida residents get Disney discount?

    For a limited time beginning on January 11th, 2022, Florida residents can purchase new Disney Weekday Magic Tickets, which are offered at a discount. Florida residents can purchase 2-day, 3-day, or 4-day Disney Weekday Magic Tickets ranging in price from $149 to $199 per ticket.

    How to buy Disney Florida resident tickets?

    The Disney Weekday Magic Ticket is now on sale and includes two theme park days for $149. © Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/TNS Guests walk on Main Street, U.S.A., in front of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World on Sept. 30, 2020.

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