What is the best engine to swap into a Miata?

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What is the best engine to swap into a Miata?

Best Miata Engine Swaps

  • LSx V8 Miata Swap. It’ll come as no surprise to see that the LS-engine has made its way here.
  • Nissan SR20DET. Nissan’s SR20DET certainly needs no introduction here at Drifted.
  • Toyota 2JZ.
  • GM Ecotec.
  • Dodge Hellcat.
  • Suzuki Hayabusa.
  • Mazda 13B.
  • Honda K-Series.

How much is it to v6 swap a Miata?

You need to source your own Miata and AJ30 engine. This kit modifies your engine and gives you what you need to swap it into your NA or NB Miata. This kit costs $7,995. You can get it installed for “around $2,000.”

Can a Honda engine swap make the Mazda Miata come alive?

A Honda Engine Swap Makes the Miata Come Alive. How to make a great car even greater. The Mazda Miata is all about how a bunch of humble parts come together to create a car that is an overwhelmingly fun experience. That does mean that there are parts of the Miata that aren’t as good as they feasibly could be.

Is the LS engine the second most common engine swap for Miata?

In fact, the LS engine might be the second most commonplace engine swap for the Miata. Just before a 1.6 to 1.8 big block upgrade. There’s a good reason for it too.

What kind of engine do you put in a Honda Miata?

Prior to the LFX swaps, the Honda J-series V6s are the engine of choice for Miata owners seeking a V6 swap. Super Fast Minis have even developed a swap kit for it. The great thing about these engines is that they were installed in a multitude of Honda models, so it’s easy to find.

Do you have to cut frame rails on a V8 Miata?

As their moniker suggests, V8 powered Miatas are their forte. Their kits are often regarded as high quality and built well. To make the LS fit within the NA/NB Miata dimensions though, you do have to cut the frame rails of your Miata.