What is the best army in clash of clans for Town Hall 5?

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What is the best army in clash of clans for Town Hall 5?

TH5 Attack Strat

Troop and Spell Type Quantity Cost
Archers 38 4,560
Giants 15 18,750
Wall Breakers 5 5,000
Wizards 3 5,400

What is the best way to farm COC?

Attacking the Towns. Run Collector Raids. These are typically the best for farming, as collectors are easier to raid than storages. Make sure to only perform these raids when you find a town with full collectors.

How many trophies should you have at th5?

For you, probably anyone over 1000 will be decent. Just keep trying to get at least one star so you’re not declining as you farm, and start dropping trophies when people get to difficult.

What’s the best troop combo in clash of clans?


  • 1 Giant + Healer.
  • 2 GoWiPe.
  • 3 GoWiWi.
  • 4 Dragon + P.E.K.K.A.’s.
  • 5 Balloonion.
  • 6 Lavaloonion.
  • 7 P.E.K.K.A. + Valkyries.
  • 8 H.A.M.

How do you get gold fast in Clash of Clans 2020?

Clash of Clans: Ways to stack gold in-game Multiplayer Battles are the best known and used method for looting, where players create their troop combinations and attack enemy bases to gain loot. Players should try to aim for higher loot bases even if it takes time to find one.

What are legend trophies COC?

Legend trophies permanently preserve the extra trophies that get reset to 5,000 at the end of each Legend League Tournament season. One Legend trophy is earned for every trophy that is lost to the reset.

What is the best builder base army?

Barb power: If splash damage didn’t exist, Barbs would be by far the strongest troop in Builder Base.

What is the best attack for builder base?

The Giants may not be useful in Home Base multiplayer and clan war battles, but the Boxer Giant is no doubt one of the best troops for targeting defensive buildings in Builder Base. It can be used in the battle to clear all defenses, and then players should use the Battle Machine to take down outside buildings.