What is the average size of a platoon?

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What is the average size of a platoon?

Three or four squads make up a platoon, which has 20 to 50 soldiers and is commanded by a lieutenant. Two or more platoons make up a company, which has 100 to 250 soldiers and is commanded by a captain or a major.

What size is infantry platoon?

A typical infantry platoon consists of three seven-man sections of riflemen and a machine gun team, both commanded by third sergeants, a platoon sergeant and a platoon medic for a total of 27 soldiers.

What are the sizes of army units?

Army hierarchy

Name Nature Strength
division Formation 10,000–30,000
brigade Formation 4,000–8,000
regiment or group Unit 1,000–3,000
battalion or equivalent regiment (some countries for some arms only) squadron (US Cavalry) squadron (some countries for aviation) cohort Unit 300–1,000

What is the smallest unit in the British Army?

A brigade was the smallest formation in the British Army, as battalions and regiments were classed as units. A brigade could operate independently and comprise all arms, ie armour, infantry, artillery, engineers and signals. However, most brigades had a functional organisation and formed part of a division.

How big is a rifle squad?

Currently, US Army rifle squads consist of nine soldiers, organized under a squad leader into two four-man fire teams.

How many units are in a platoon?

A company in the U.S. Army is normally made up of three platoons, which means 60 to 200 soldiers, but it can have more. An artillery unit is called a battery and an armored air cavalry is called a troop. Leading a company, battery or troop is a Captain, 1st Lieutenant, or Major.

How many platoons are in a company?

A company consists of three or four platoons and is generally commanded by a captain. It can also go by different names, depending on the function: Company-sized artillery units are called batteries, while in armor and air cavalry units, they are called troops.

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