What is the Atlantic World concept?

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What is the Atlantic World concept?

The Atlantic World describes the interconnected web of social and financial economies that bound together the peoples and nations of Europe, West Africa, and North and South America from the fifteenth to the early nineteenth century.

What groups played a major part in the creation of the Atlantic World?

The main empires that built the Atlantic World were the British, French, Spanish , Portuguese and Dutch; entrepreneurs from the United States played a role as well after 1789. Other countries, such as Sweden and Denmark, were active on a smaller scale.

Why did historians study the Atlantic World?

Because of the global scale of their subject matter, historians of U.S. empire look at Atlantic crossings as part of a larger complex of demographic, political, economic, and cultural flows that spanned the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

What were the three main periods of the Atlantic World?

This course considers the literature, culture, and politics of three major revolutions in the Atlantic world at the close of the eighteenth century: the American revolution, the French revolution, and the Haitian revolution.

How did slavery impact the Atlantic World?

Thus, colonial expansion and Atlantic slavery were major drivers of the economic growth in Western Europe between 1500 and 1850. The emergence of political institutions providing secure property rights and economic innovations were the strongest stimulants for that development (Acemoglu, Johnson, and Robinson 2005).

How did the Atlantic revolutions change society?

In long-term perspective, the revolutions were mostly successful. They spread widely the ideals of liberalism, republicanism, the overthrow of aristocracies, kings and established churches.

What role did slavery play in the advancement of the modern world?

The modern world owes its very existence to slavery. Consider, for example, the way the advancement of medical knowledge was paid for with the lives of slaves. The death rate on the trans-Atlantic voyage to the New World was staggeringly high. Slave ships, however, were more than floating tombs.

Why are the Atlantic colonies important?

The Atlantic colonies enjoyed certain advantages in the timber trade and were able to parlay these into an expanded shipping and shipbuilding sector. New Brunswick was the leading timber exporter from the region, providing jobs for migrant seasonal workers from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

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