What is the active ingredient in Green Works?

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What is the active ingredient in Green Works?

Chemical Composition/Ingredients

Water 007732-18-5 231-791-2
Potassium carbonate 000584-08-7 209-529-3
Sodium hydroxide 001310-73-2 215-185-5
Potassium Citrate 006100-05-6 212-755-5
Sodium gluconate 000527-07-1 208-407-7

Can you use Green Works All Purpose Cleaner on glass?

Clorox Commercial Solutions® Green Works® naturally derived all-purpose cleaner spray refill Case UPC: 00457 6/64 oz. Cuts through filmy residue. Safe on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, including glass, mirrors, appliances and stainless steel.

Can you use great value all purpose cleaner on granite?

Vinegar, which is a main cleaning ingredient in Windex Multi-Surface with Vinegar, can dull and etch your granite countertops. Cleaning granite countertops with vinegar is likely to do more harm than good. In addition, Windex products and all-purpose cleaners are generally not safe for granite countertops.

How do you use Green Works All Purpose Cleaner?

Directions for Use Turn nozzle to “ON” position. Spray the soiled surface, allowing the product to penetrate grease, grime and dirt. Wipe with paper towel or cloth.

Who makes Green Works Cleaner?

“During the past several years, Clorox has been developing a formula that would clean better and possess the highest levels of natural ingredients. We achieved this with Green Works.” Green Works is at least 99 percent natural and made from ingredients derived from coconuts and lemon oil.

Can you use greenworks on wood?

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner removes grease and grime from wood surfaces, while the biodegradable* formula makes it safer for use at home. The powerful degreaser also wipes away fingerprints and removes dirt, grease, grime and built up residue, leaving behind a streak-free surface that won’t harm the wood’s finish.

Is greenworks cleaner good?

Green Works’ plant- and mineral-based Glass & Surface Cleaner did a great job cutting through soil dried onto stainless steel, laminate countertop, and a painted wall. It wasn’t as successful at cleaning glass, taking more strokes than nearly any other solution in our test to cut through tough grime.

Is Green Works Bathroom Cleaner a disinfectant?

With Green Works® naturally derived cleaning products, you get powerful cleaning done naturally. Usage Directions:Turn nozzle to ON….About this product.

Attribute name Attribute value
Concentrated or Ready To Use Ready to Use
Container Types Bottle
Degreaser Non-Degreasing
Disinfectant No

When did Clorox Green Works come out?

Jan. 14, 2008
OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 14, 2008 – The Clorox Company today announced the introduction of Green Works™ cleaners, a breakthrough line of natural cleaning products that are as effective as conventional cleaners but made from plant-based ingredients.

Does Clorox Green Works disinfect?

Facts: Some “green” cleaners, such as the Clorox Green Works line made from a component found in coconuts, do little more than help remove dirt. They don’t disinfect — nor do they claim to — so they don’t kill germs.

What surfaces can you use Simple Green on?

Simple Green Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser can be used on all washable surfactes to remove heavy dirt, grease, food residue and other soils from countertops, sinks, tile, carpet, flooring, upholstery and more.

Is Simple Green safe for granite?

After cleaning, you’ll want to polish with a product that won’t leave behind residue or streaks. Simple Green Granite & Stone Polish is safe for use on granite, marble, travertine, limestone, porcelain, ceramic, quartz, Corian®*, Silestone®*, and other natural and engineered stone surfaces.

What cleaner is safe on granite?

Hot water and dish soap should be adequate for daily sanitizing. However, if a disinfectant is desired, reach for a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Spray it onto the granite, allow to sit for three to five minutes, and then rinse with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Avoid bleach or ammonia-based cleaners.

Is Simple Green All Purpose safe on granite?

Is Green Works owned by Clorox?

Green Works is made with natural, plant-based ingredients that clean without harsh chemical fumes and residue. And since they’re made by Clorox, they clean with the power you expect. From Clorox comes Green Works.

Does Clorox Green Works have bleach in it?

The company is known mostly for its flagship product, Clorox Bleach, which is seen by some as a stain from an environmental perspective, though the company says the product is misunderstood and safe. (Green Works products do not contain bleach.)

What is green works® clean?

Clean with confidence, without compromising on performance. From all-purpose cleaners, glass & surface solutions and wipes to toilet bowl and bathroom cleaners, Green Works ® delivers the quality clean you expect from Clorox — without harsh chemical fumes and residue.

Can you use green works Multi Surface Cleaner on countertops?

It is safe to use on multiple surfaces including counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, sinks and toilets. Green Works Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray is tough enough on your worst messes. Stains immediately start to dissolve upon spraying, making it the perfect cleaner for bathrooms and kitchens.

Is Clorox Green works natural?

With Green Works naturally derived cleaning products, you get powerful cleaning done naturally. NATURALLY DERIVED CLEANING SPRAY: Clean your home from top to bottom with Clorox Green Works Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray that can help remove dirt and grime on anything from your kitchen to your bathroom

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