What is special in Kamakhya Temple?

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What is special in Kamakhya Temple?

According to the Kalika Purana, Kamakhya Temple denotes the spot where Sati used to retire in secret to satisfy her amour with Shiva, and it was also the place where her yoni (genitals, womb) fell after Shiva tandav (dance of destruction) with the corpse of Sati.

Why Kamakhya Temple is important?

Counted among the most sacred shaktipeethas (devotional shrines where the severed body parts of Goddess Sati fell), the temple is believed to be the place where the womb of the goddess fell. Thus, it is also synonymous with supreme female power and fertility.

How many steps are there in Kamakhya Temple?

150 steps
As per i know there are 150 steps . Enjoy the trip to Maa Kamakhya Temple Guwahati. over a year ago. Not much stairs are to climb from the car park.

What is Worshipped in Kamakhya Temple?

Unlike most other shrines, Maa Kamakhya temple has no idol. Instead, the object of worship is the yoni, or the vulva of Goddess Sati. It is located in the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, and collects water from an underground spring.

Does Kamakhya bleed?

In the month of Ashaad(June), the Goddess bleeds or menstruates. At this time, the Brahmaputra rivernear Kamakhya turns red. The temple then remains closed for 3 days, and holy wateris distributed among the devotees of Kamakhya Devi. There is no scientificproof that the blood turns the river red.

Can men enter Kamakhya Temple?

Kamakhya Temple, Assam It is believed that the Goddess menstruates during those days. On this occasion, men are not allowed to enter the temple and only female priests or sanyasis are allowed to serve the temple during those days.

Who can visit Kamakhya Temple?

The Kamakhya Temple had been built in reverence to Goddess Kamakhya or Sati, who was one of the numerous incarnations of Goddess Durga or Goddess Shakti. Free Darshan is available for all the devotees.

Can we go to Kamakhya Temple during periods?

Every year, the temple remains closed for four days in the belief that the annual menstrual cycle of Goddess Kamakhya falls during the period. The temple reopens on the fifth day when devotees throng the place of worship to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

Can we go temple in periods?

Women monks and devotees are also allowed to enter the temple even during menstruation. In many parts of India, menstruation is still considered to be impure in the Hindu faith. Women are prohibited from participating in normal life while menstruating.

Can I go to Kamakhya Temple during periods?

What is not allowed in Kamakhya temple?

Kamakhya Temple, Assam During this time, the main door of the temple remains shut for four days. It is believed that the Goddess menstruates during those days. On this occasion, men are not allowed to enter the temple and only female priests or sanyasis are allowed to serve the temple during those days.

Is Kamakhya Temple open for tourist?

Kamakhya temple opens daily at 7.00 AM and closes at 4.30 PM. If you want to take general entrance, you have to go early at 5.30 – 6.00 AM to be in the Que, or else you can take a VIP ticket worth Rs.

What should I wear in Kamakhya Temple?

What’s the dress code for Kamakhya temple? Like most temples in India, the dress code is strictly formal. As this is a Hindu temple there is no need to cover your head but, this is a place of religious worship all the same so covering your shoulders and legs is a must!

Why do people visit the Kamakhya Temple in Assam?

Lakhs of devotees visit the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam, every year to pay their respect and offer their devotion to the Goddess Kamakhya. It is one of the oldest temples and is the main one in the complex of 10 temples that are adjoining. The shrine is visited by both Hindu as well as tantric devotees.

How to reach Kamakhya Temple Guwahati?

Kamakhya Temple is situated on the Nilachal Hills. You can hire auto rickshaw or taxi from any part of Guwahati. Regular buses of Assam Tourism Department also ply to and fro the temple from various parts of the city. ASTC also run bus services to the temple from the Kachari bus stoppage.

What is the significance of Kamrup Kamakhya Temple?

Down the centuries, Kamrup Kamakhya has been the seat of the powerful tantrik cult in India. Situated atop the Nilachal Hill in Guwahati, it is one of the 108 Shakti Peethas of the country. Rising to a modest height of 562 feet above the mighty river Brahmaputra, the hill on which the temple stands commands a magnificent view of the entire city.

What are the famous temples in Kamakhya?

The Bhutanese Tara Temple and the shrine of the snake Goddess, Manasa, are two other temples situated in the vicinity of Kamakhya. The Bhubaneswari Temple is situated at the highest point of the hill. It offers a spectacular view of the city and the Brahmaputra River.