What is Siegesbeckia orientalis extract?

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What is Siegesbeckia orientalis extract?

Siegesbeckia orientalis, which originates from Madagascar, is also called “heavenly herb” and is valued in skin care cosmetics for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, among other things. The extract obtained from this plant is also said to have a positive effect on collagen synthesis.

What is Sigesbeckia extract?

Extract Alleviated the Collagen Type II–Induced Arthritis Through Inhibiting Multi-Target–Mediated Synovial Hyperplasia and Inflammation.

How do you use Xi Xian Cao tea?

Normally Xi Xian Cao is prepared in a dosage between 10-15 grams steeped as a herbal tea in a teapot with 500 ml water. You may also simmer 8-12 gram on low fire in a pan with 500 ml water. The herb is also often consumed together with Yi Mu Cao.

How long does it take for Xi Xian Cao to work?

Most of the women responded to treatment within 10 days. The blockages in these cases were attributed to thickening of the tubal lining, excessive mucous discharge, partial blockage with scar tissue, inflammation, or infection. In the case of women suffering from polycystic ovarian disease, Xi Xian Cao (St.

What does Xi Xian Cao do?

Xi Xian Cao Benefits Its benefits include that it can help dispel wind, reduce high blood pressure and remove toxicity. This herb is also commonly known for it’s effect to unblock Fallopian tubes and it’s effectiveness to treat bone and muscle pain due to Reumatism.

What is Xian Cao?

St Paul’s Wort or Xi Xian Cao is an herb that is effective for the treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes. This powerful herb acts as a natural anti inflammatory, eliminates blood clotting and blood toxic heat.

How do you drink Yi Mu Cao?

Fertility blend: The herb is often prepared by steeping it as a tea or by letting it simmer on a low fire. The herb is often consumed together with the xi xian cao herb. Boil 5 grams of this herb together with 5 grams of Xi Xian Cao on low fire in 0.5 liter of water.

What does Yi Mu Cao do?

Yi Mu Cao works to detox internal heat, helping with skin itching, rashes and dryness, by increasing skin blood circulation. It works to eliminate blood stasis and blood clotting which is caused due to stress. This clotting results in energy blockage causing pain.

When do you use Yi Mu Cao?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this herb improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and allows the body to detoxify. This particularly helps against irregular menstruation to increase fertility. It’s also applied in herbal blends to fight continuous vaginal discharge after giving birth.

Is motherwort good for fertility?

Motherwort has been found to mildly stimulate the uterus, while also aiding the uterus to work efficiently in the case of bringing on menses for women with absent menstrual cycles, as well as those with painful periods.

How do you take Yi Mu Cao?

What does motherwort do to your body?

Motherwort is a plant. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. Motherwort is used to prevent or stop bleeding. It is also used for heart conditions, symptoms of menopause, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these other uses.

When should I take motherwort?

Sleep. Some research suggests taking a combination of motherwort, valerian, hops, and lemon balm by mouth before bed improves sleep in alcohol abusers going through withdrawal.

What can I take to get pregnant faster?

You should try to eat a nutritious, balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Gaskin explains that healthy foods help increase progesterone levels (a key hormone in maintaining pregnancy), support ovulation and encourage early implantation—three critical factors in conceiving.

What does motherwort do for the body?

What is Sigesbeckia orientalis used for?

Sigesbeckia orientalis is a wide-ranging plant that is used medicinally in many of the regions in which it grows and is sometimes cultivated for medicinal use. The whole plant is considered to be alterative, anodyne, anthelmintic, antiphlogistic, cardiac, diuretic, febrifuge, salve, sialagogue, stimulates blood circulation [

Is it Sigesbeckia or Siegesbeckia?

Sigesbeckia, sometimes spelt Siegesbeckia (although the correct spelling is Sigesbeckia according to a paper published by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in Proceedings of the Botanical Society of the British Isles in 1967), is an annual plant from the Asteraceae family. There are several species that make up the genus.

Is Siegesbeckia safe to use during pregnancy?

Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. Siegesbeckia is a plant. It is perennial. It grows in a hot climate. Best used for Liver and Heart Problems. Meridians associated : Liver and Kidney. Siegesbeckia Pubescens and Siegesbeckia Glabrescens are the related species.

Which meridians are associated with Siegesbeckia (meridians)?

Meridians associated : Liver and Kidney. Siegesbeckia Pubescens and Siegesbeckia Glabrescens are the related species. Common St…. Glandulars…