What is resolver in Nginx?

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What is resolver in Nginx?

Specifies the name servers that should be employed by Nginx to resolve hostnames to IP addresses and vice-versa. DNS query results are cached for some time, either by respecting the TTL provided by the DNS server, or by specifying a time value to the valid argument.

What is keep alive timeout in Nginx?

The keepalive_timeout value in the Nginx configuration file indicates how long the server has to wait to get requests from a client. In another way, we can say that it indicates the number of seconds an idle keepalive connection will stay open. It is best to leave the idle connection open for about six to ten seconds.

What is Fail_timeout in Nginx?

fail_timeout = time sets. the time during which the specified number of unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the server should happen to consider the server unavailable; and the period of time the server will be considered unavailable.

Is Nginx Resolver required?

The nginx resolver directive is required because the system resolver blocks. Nginx is a multiplexing server (many connections in one OS process), so each call of system resolver will stop processing all connections till the resolver answer is received.

What is Least_conn in Nginx?

If the two parameter is specified, first, NGINX randomly selects two servers taking into account server weights, and then chooses one of these servers using the specified method: least_conn – The least number of active connections.

How do I check Nginx timeout?

How to test nginx proxy timeouts

  1. Between listen and accept to test proxy_connect_timeout.
  2. Between accept and read to test proxy_send_timeout.
  3. Between read and send to test proxy_read_timeout.

What is 504 Gateway timeout nginx?

A 504 error means nginx has waited too long for a response and has timed out. There might be multiple reasons for the problem. Possible fixes include: Increasing the nginx proxy_read_timeout default of five minutes to be longer, for example, to 10 minutes.


NginX is a web server and/or a reverse proxy added on top of Apache, which is capable of handling connections better than apache.

How does Nginx resolve upstream?

Upstream Domain Resolve¶ Its buffer has the latest IPs of the backend domain name and it integrates with the configured load balancing algorithm (least_conn, hash, etc) or the built in round robin if none is explicitly defined. At every interval (one second by default), it resolves the domain name.

Can Nginx do load balancing?

It is possible to use nginx as a very efficient HTTP load balancer to distribute traffic to several application servers and to improve performance, scalability and reliability of web applications with nginx.

What is AIO Nginx?

AIO is used for files that are larger than or equal to the size specified in the directio directive, while sendfile is used for files of smaller sizes or when directio is disabled.

What is Server_tokens in Nginx?

The “server_tokens” directive is responsible for displaying the Nginx version number and Operating system on error pages and in the “Server” HTTP response header field as shown in the following screenshot. Nginx Version Number. To disable this, you need to turn off the server_tokens directive in /etc/nginx/nginx.

How does nginx do load balancing?

Load balancing methods Load balancing with nginx uses a round-robin algorithm by default if no other method is defined, like in the first example above. With round-robin scheme each server is selected in turns according to the order you set them in the load-balancer. conf file.

How does nginx resolve upstream?

What is 504 Gateway Time out nginx?

How do you solve 504?

How to get rid of a 504 gateway timeout error on a website you’re visiting

  1. Close and re-open the web browser, or restart your computer. Then try reaching the problematic websites again.
  2. Reboot your network modem and WiFi router.
  3. Change your DNS server.
  4. Turn off your proxy server (or verify its settings).

How do I fix NGINX error 504 Gateway Timeout?

How do I get rid of 504 Gateway Timeout?

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