What is Nasivion used for?

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What is Nasivion used for?

NASIVION CARE NASAL DROPS is a medicine used to treat nasal congestion (blocked nose) caused by the common cold or flu, hay fever and other allergies. It narrows the blood vessels in your nose to relieve nasal congestion and blockage.

Is Nasivion good for cold?

Nasivion 0.05 % Nasal Spray consists of Oxymetazoline. It is used to treat nasal congestion (stuffy nose) caused by allergies, sinusitis (swelling of the sinus), or the common cold. This medicine works by narrowing the blood vessels in your nasal passages and reducing blood flow.

Can Nasivion be used for adults?

Nasivion 0.05% Classic Adult Nasal Spray, 10 ml contains ‘oxymetazoline’ that belongs to the class of ‘alpha1A adrenoceptor agonists’. It narrowing the blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the swollen tissue in the nose, eyelid or skin. This effect helps in reducing the inflammation and alleviating the symptoms.

Does Nasivion have side-effects?

Common side-effects of Nasivion 0.05% Nasal solution 10 mL are irritation or burning sensation at the site of application, blurred vision, eye pain, drowsiness, dizziness, headache and slow or fast heartbeat. If you notice that these side-effects do not disappear or worsen, consult your doctor immediately.

How many nasal drops should an adult take?

For Adults and Children over 12 years of age: 2 to 3 drops in each nostril up to 3 times daily. Do not exceed 3 applications daily into each nostril.

Which is better nasal spray or nasal drops?

3.2. 3.1 Nasal Drops. Nasal drops are one of the most simple and convenient nasal delivery systems. It has been reported that nasal drops deposit human serum albumin in the nostrils more efficiently than nasal sprays.

How do I apply for Nasivion?

As Spray:

  1. Clean your nose by gently blowing over a handkerchief or tissue.
  2. Insert the nozzle into affected nostril by tilting the head forward in erect posture.
  3. Use the spray by squeezing the bottle once and continue normal breathing inwards (inhalation)

Is it OK to use nasal spray daily?

To prevent rebound congestion, use over-the-counter decongestant nasal sprays for no more than three days in a row, with as few doses as possible each day. Prescription nasal sprays containing steroids don’t cause this rebound effect, so they can be used on a daily basis for years.

Is Nasivion an antibiotic?

No, Nasivion Classic Adult Nasal spray is a nasal decongestant used for relieving blocked nose and nasal discomfort caused by colds, allergies and fever.