What is Mata Kucing fruit in English?

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What is Mata Kucing fruit in English?

Botanical Name: Euphoria malaiense (Sapindaceae) Common Name: Mata Kucing, literally translated means cats eye.

Is Mata Kucing same as longan?

According to International Society for Horticultural Science, the mata kuching is actually a close relative of the longan (hence the similar smell and taste). There are 3 varieties of mata kuching fruit which have “warty” skins and a 4th variety which is smooth and most closely resembles the longan.

What are the benefits of Mata Kucing?

The fruit gives natural sweetness with anti-hyperglycaemic benefits that makes it suitable for diabetic customers. Lo Han Go is particularly helpful in alleviating coughs and sore throats, trusted by many traditional Chinese medicine practitioners due to its cooling property.

What is Air Mata Kuching?

Air Mata Kucing or Sweet Monk Fruit Longan Dessert is a popular thirst quencher in Malaysia. It’s a delicious dessert and it is believed to have cooling properties and is great for soothing sore throat and cough so it is kind of medicinal, as well.

Is longan same as lychee?

The taste is different from lychees; while longan has a drier sweetness similar to dates, lychees are often messily juicy with a more tropical, grape-like sour sweetness. Dried longan are often used in Chinese cuisine and Chinese sweet dessert soups.

What is dragon eye fruit?

Dragon eyes fruits, also called longans, are tropical fruits that are native to China. The name longan, which means dragon eyes in Chinese, is appropriate because the fruit’s appearance resembles that of a large eye when cut in half.

What is longan fruit called in English?

Dimocarpus longan, commonly known as the longan (/ˈlɒŋɡən/), is a tropical tree species that produces edible fruit. It is one of the better-known tropical members of the soapberry family Sapindaceae, to which the lychee and rambutan also belong….Dimocarpus longan.

Literal meaning ‘dragon eye’

Are longans healthy?

Both longan and lychee are a good source of antioxidants, which may help prevent disease. Eaten in moderation, longan and lychee can be part of a healthy eating plan. People with diabetes can enjoy them in moderation if they consider the sugar and carb contents and check blood sugar levels when eating new fruits.

What happens if you eat too much longan?

It can reduce the risk of cancer, edema, GERD, IBS, and effectively combat anemia. It also imparts a glow to the skin and helps manage insomnia and stress. However, excess consumption may trigger undesirable side effects as this fruit is high in carbs and sugar. Hence, people with diabetes should not consume longans.

What is longan tea?

Introduction. This longan red date tea is a calming hot drink prepared with Chinese “dragon eye” fruit, jujubes, and fresh ginger. It’s a caffeine-free tea that’ll help you destress, digest, and feel warm. Preparing tea with longans and jujubes is a traditional Chinese medicine remedy for insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety …

What is Queen fruit?

Mangosteen belongs to the Clusiaceae (Guttiferae) family [3], [4] and is widely cultivated for its fruit, which is commonly termed the “Queen of Fruits” because of its unique sweet–sour taste [1], [5].

What is fresh Logan?

This structure is the source of its nickname, dragon’s eye. The flesh of longan fruit resembles that of a grape in taste and texture, but longan has a hint of musk in the flavor. Native to India or China, longan is very popular in Asia, and an Asian market may be your best bet for finding the fresh fruit.

Does longan lower blood pressure?

Longan contains a good amount of potassium, which helps control blood pressure.

Is longan a Superfood?

Longan fruit is low in calories and is considered a superfood. Longan fruit has several health benefits. These fruits restore sleep, reduce anxiety, and enhance libido. In addition, this succulent fruit is beneficial in treating infections, skin issues, obesity, stress, and anxiety.

Can diabetic eat longan?

Longan might not be the best fruit for people with diabetes, although it should be fine in moderation. One suggested rule is not to eat a serving of fruit that has more than 15 grams of carbohydrates. With only 10 grams of carbohydrates, a single serving of longan should be fine for people with diabetes.

Is longan fruit good for diabetics?

Although no glycemic index is available for longan fruit, it is relatively high in carbs and low in fiber. That means it could spike blood sugar. Longan might not be the best fruit for people with diabetes, although it should be fine in moderation.

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