What is luxury reflex foam?

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What is luxury reflex foam?

In luxury memory foam mattresses, Reflex foam helps to bring a range of orthopaedic qualities to the user. Created with larger ‘bubbles’, air is displaced within the bubble instead of being eliminated out of the foam entirely.

What are the grades of memory foam?

Memory Foam – Visco Elastic CM Foam

Grade Colour Hardness (Newtons)
Vasco 40 Yellow 60-90
Vasco 50 Cream 40-70
Vasco 70 Blue 70-100

Is reflex foam good?

Often found in orthopaedic mattresses, reflex foam can offer a firmer feel and provide good spinal alignment. Reflex foam is very flexible and regains its original shape very quickly, hence the name ‘reflex’. This type of foam is very versatile and can take various formations within a mattress.

How long does a reflex foam mattress last?

seven years
Like with all mattresses, we recommend that you change your reflex foam mattress every seven years.

Can you use high density foam as a mattress?

High density foams generally are not used to create the entire mattress because they are just too firm. So, generally they are used as a foundation for the bed or to provide edge support. High density foam is made of a blend of polyurethane and has a tendency to off-gas.

Which type of foam mattress is best?

We strongly believe that latex foam is, by far, the best type of foam to use in mattresses. Latex foam offers several significant advantages over Polyurethane foam and Memory foam. Because of this our products never contain any foam other than 100% natural latex foam.

What does the sleep 400 mattress feel like?

The Sleep 400 mattress provides the classic memory foam feel of body hug and contour without feeling trapped in the foam like other all foam mattresses, albeit with a bit of trade-off of less responsiveness from the all foam construction.

How many layers of foam are in the REM-fit sleep 400 mattress?

The REM-Fit Sleep 400 mattress is a 12″ mattress made up of 3 layers of foam. 2″ Top Comfort Layer – This layer is 2″ of Adaptive memory foam.

What is the cover of the REM-fit 400 made of?

The cover of the the REM-Fit 400 mattress is made of Tencel-infused Re-Ax Unleashed temperature regulating fabric which is cool to the touch and designed to wick away moisture and reduce heat on the mattress surface.

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