What is liquid zeolite good for?

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What is liquid zeolite good for?

Zeolites are minerals that contain mainly aluminum and silicon compounds. They are used as drying agents, in detergents, and in water and air purifiers. Zeolites are also marketed as dietary supplements to treat cancer, diarrhea, autism, herpes, and hangover, and to balance pH and remove heavy metals in the body.

Is zeolite hard on the kidneys?

Zeolite decreased renal ammonium excretion and fecal biogenic amines. The data indicate an increased detoxification rate of ammonia by arginine and ornithine supplementation. However, as urea was not increasingly excreted, detrimental effects on renal function cannot be excluded.

Can you take zeolite with other medications?

Zeolites should not be taken by anyone taking medication containing heavy metals, such as lithium or platinum, (which is often found in some cancer medications). They should also be spaced apart from any mineral supplements you may be taking.

What is liquid zeolite?

Liquid Zeolite is a powerful detox cleanse agent that protects your body against toxins, chemicals and microbes. Zeolite Liquid is based on pharmaceutical grade micronized zeolite powder made into an easy to use and take with you formula. It has the smallest molecule size and the highest bio-availability (your body can use it effectively).

Is Zetox safe to use?

ZETOX is a safe, convenient, and effective liquid zeolite suspension formula that is an excellent choice for daily natural detox maintenance and supports the body’s ability to safely remove toxins. Do you experience low energy, headaches, achy joints, body pains, and brain fog?

How much vitamin B12 is in zeolite?

Per Serving: Micronized Zeolite – 100 mg, Vitamin B-12 – 900 mcg, Vitamin D3 – 200 I.U. Other ingredients: Deionized water, vegetable glycerin, natural flavors. Take 1 dropper full (1 ml) two times daily in a few ounces of water.

How does Zetox work?

Accumulated toxins in the body can be a contributing factor. ZETOX works at the cellular level to help cleanse the body so you can feel your best.* Don’t Just Detox, ZETOX. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration.

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