What is Kokutsu Dachi used for?

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What is Kokutsu Dachi used for?

Often described as the opposite of Zenkutsu-dachi (Forward Stance), Kokustu-dachi is effective as a defensive stance, when it’s often coupled with Shuto Uke (Knife-hand Block), as in kata Bassai Dai, and in that combination it’s perhaps the most classical karate-looking posture of them all.

What does Kokutsu mean?

Kokutsu-dachi is a great defensive stance because of the amount of energy stored in the rear leg, ready for a counter-attack. Sōkutsu-dachi (側屈立, side long stance) Often conflated with kōkutsu-dachi, this is a variant of kōkutsu where the head faces the direction perpendicular to the line on which the feet stand.

What is the English term of Kokutsu Dachi?

KOKUTSU DACHI (ko-koo-tsoo): back stance. FUDO DACHI (foo-do): immovable stance, a cross between front and back stance (SOCHIN DACHI) SANCHIN DACHI (san-cheen): hour-glass stance. HANGETSU DACHI (han-gay-tsoo): “half-moon” stance.

What is Goku’s fighting stance?

Goku uses a hybrid fighting style of karate, Wing Chun, and Kung Fu. Goku’s fighting stance is a loose mǎbù (马步, “horse stance”), with the torso turned sideways. It is called a “square stance.” That’s as short as it gets, but there is more to it.

How do you do zenkutsu dachi front stance?

Front Stance – Zenkutsu Dachi The front stance is a long, deep stance. Create the stance by starting with the feet shoulder-width apart. Take one big step forward and bend the front knee. Keep the back leg straight and point all your toes to the front. As you might imagine, this stance is heavy on stability and light on mobility.

What is the best stance for Kokutsu-dachi?

Kokutsu-dachi offers an easy transition to Nekoashi-dachi (Cat Stance), providing fast access to a range of forward kicks. 1. The key element of this stance is the fact that your centre of gravity should be set quite far back. Your rear leg supports approximately two-thirds (66%) of your weight, whilst the front leg supports the remainder.

What is Han zenkutsu dachi karate?

Fighting Stance – Han Zenkutsu Dachi This Karate fighting stance is a shortened version of the front stance. Instead of taking a long step to the front from a parallel stance, take a short one, perhaps just slightly longer than taking a natural step. Your feet should end up about shoulder-width apart.

Do You Turn Your Hips in Kokutsu dachi?

Many stances require you to turn your hips as you strike, block or kick, but Kokutsu Dachi is unusual because it’s one of few where the hips should be set at 45 degrees to the front in its relaxed position. 6. Students commonly get this stance wrong by lowering the body too far.