What is IRS Form 1040EZ?

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What is IRS Form 1040EZ?

Form 1040EZ is the simplest form available to federal income tax payers. The abbreviation EZ is widely used to mean Easy . Form 1040EZ has been discontinued by the IRS beginning with the 2018 income tax year.

Can I use Form 1040EZ instead of 1040A or 1040?

Even if you can use Form 1040EZ, it may benefit you to use Form 1040A or 1040 instead. For example, you can claim the head of household filing status (which usually results in a lower tax than single) only on Form 1040A or 1040. You can claim the retirement savings contributions credit (saver’s credit) only on Form 1040A or 1040.

Where can I find information about future developments related to Form 1040EZ?

Future developments. For the latest information about devel-opments related to Form 1040EZ and its instructions, such as legislation enacted after they were published, go to IRS. gov/ Form1040EZ. Filing status. We want you to use the proper filing status as you go through the instructions and tables.

Can I take the 8A and 8B on my 1040EZ?

2017 Form 1040EZ—Lines 8a and 8b 2. Is your earned income less than $15,010 ($20,600 if married filing jointly)? Yes.Go to Step 3. No. STOP You cannot take the credit. How To Figure the Credit

Where to report certain items from 2017 forms on 1040EZ?

Where To Report Certain Items From 2017 Forms W-2, 1095, 1097, 1098, and 1099 Part 1 Items That Can Be Reported on Form 1040EZ If any federal income tax withheld is shown on the forms in Part 1, include the tax withheld on Form 1040EZ, line 7.

What are the instructions for Form 1040 and 1040 SR?

Line Instructions for Forms 1040 and 1040-SR…..13 Filing Status…..13 Name and Address…..15 Social Security Number (SSN)…..15 Dependents, Qualifying Child for Child Tax Credit, and Credit for Other Dependents…..18 Income…..23 Total Income and Adjusted Gross

Where do I enter the amount of tax withheld on 1040EZ?

The type and rule above prints on all proofs including departmental reproduction proofs. MUST be removed before printing. 2017 Form 1040EZ—Lines 7 and 8Payments, Credits, and Tax (Lines 7–12) T Line 7, Federal Income Tax Withheld Enter the total amount of federal income tax withheld. This should be shown on your 2017 Form(s) W-2 in box 2.

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