What is doxygen for?

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What is doxygen for?

This medication is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections, including those that cause acne. This medication is also used to prevent malaria. This medication is known as a tetracycline antibiotic. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

What is doxygen style?

Doxygen (/ˈdɒksidʒən/ DOK-see-jən) is a documentation generator and static analysis tool for software source trees. When used as a documentation generator, Doxygen extracts information from specially-formatted comments within the code.

How do I open a doxygen file?

In order to generate doxygen based documentation, you need to follow four steps:

  1. have the doxygen executable installed on your computer (this is already done on our DESY machines)
  2. document your code.
  3. create a configuration file.
  4. run doxygen to create the documentation (HTML or LaTeX based).

What is doxygen used for in C?

Doxygen is the de facto standard tool for generating documentation from annotated C++ sources, but it also supports other popular programming languages such as C, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Java, Python, IDL (Corba, Microsoft, and UNO/OpenOffice flavors), Fortran, and to some extent D.

How do I use doxygen in Visual Studio?

Running from Visual Studio

  1. From the Tools menu select External Tools…
  2. Click the Add button to create a new external tool configuration.
  3. For the Title enter “Doxygen”
  4. For the Command enter the path to the Doxygen executable. (
  5. For the Arguments enter the name of your configuration file.

Does doxygen work with Python?

Doxygen: It is not the tool of choice for most Python projects. But if you have to deal with other related projects written in C or C++ it could make sense. For this you can improve the integration between Doxygen and Python using doxypypy.

What is a doxygen tag?

Doxytag is a small command line based utility. It can generate tag files. These tag files can be used with doxygen to generate references to external documentation (i.e. documentation not contained in the input files that are used by doxygen).

How do I use Doxygen in Visual Studio?

What languages does doxygen support?

How do you use Doxygen on Windows?

Step 3.2: Run Doxygen

  1. Select the source code directory in the Doxywizard’s main window.
  2. Go to the run tab.
  3. click “Run doxygen”
  4. click “Show HTML output”

What is doxygen configuration file?

A configuration file is a free-form ASCII text file with a structure that is similar to that of a Makefile , with the default name Doxyfile . It is parsed by doxygen . The file may contain tabs and newlines for formatting purposes.

Does doxygen support Python?

e.g. 2 doxygen.nl/manual/diagrams.html “Doxygen has built-in support to generate inheritance diagrams for C++ classes.” but not for Python, even less for function calls.

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