What is Cap Ferret famous for?

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What is Cap Ferret famous for?

Cap Ferret is famous for its lighthouse and as an up-market resort that has retained its natural feel at the heart of the Landes of Gascony and the Pays de Buch. It is also famous for its ostreicole (oyster-farming) activity and numerous tasting sites.

Can you surf in Cap Ferret?

With its 25 kilometers of fine sandy beach, Cap Ferret is a real paradise for surfers. Discover our favorite surfing spots in Cap Ferret and go for a ride on the waves.

Can you surf in the Atlantic Ocean?

Did you know that the Atlantic Ocean has the highest tides in the world? Even though surfing is often thought of as a West Coast sport, there are so many great surfing spots along the East Coast!

Can you surf at Arcachon?

Perfect surfing conditions all year round For experienced surfers, there are a few accessible surfing spots available around the Bay. The surfing spot at La Pointe is located at the entrance to the Bay of Arcachon and offers a sumptuous view of the Dune of Pilat.

Where can I surf in Bordeaux?

Surfing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Bordeaux region of France, but contrary to popular belief, there is a thriving surf community along the coast. The Cote d’Argent is over 200km long, making it Europe’s longest beach with a ton of surfing opportunities along the way.

What to do in Le Cap-Ferret?

Open to the public, the lighthouse of Le Cap-Ferret, with a spiral staircase of 258 steps, offers a magnificent panoramic view of the peninsula, Arcachon Bay, the famous Dune of Pilat and the ocean from its platform.

What is La Pointe of Cap-Ferret?

La Pointe of Cap-Ferret is a beach with a privileged view of the Dune of Pilat. Walkers can then cross the dunes thanks to a path of nearly 6 kilometres in length.

How big is the Cap Ferret lighthouse?

From the top of its 53 metres, it overlooks the whole of the Arcachon Bay. The Cap Ferret lighthouse is one of the Bay of Arcachon’s most visited monuments.

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