What is bucket slang for?

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What is bucket slang for?

(MTE, slang) an insult term used in Toronto to refer to someone that they’re a crackhead. (slang) An old vehicle that is not in good working order. synonyms ▲ Synonyms: banger, beater, hooptie, jalopy, wreck, crock, shitbox, rustbucket; see also Thesaurus:old car.

What is thirst bucket in slang?

noun. a person who is overly eager or anxious.

What does beat the bucket mean?

Beat the bucket is a fielding game that develops teamwork. Runners are challenged to place balls tactically and fielders to position themselves effectively and to return the balls in the shortest possible time. The game links to softball and baseball.

What is a bucket drug?

The use of SCs by the “bucket” method can be likened to rapid and direct inhalation of bronchodilator drugs into the lungs. Therefore, when synthetic cannabinoid is used with this method, a high amount of substance is directly instilled into the lungs in a short time.

What does spin mean urban?

(noun/verb) A description or the act of describing negative events in an overly favorable way.

Why do we say kick the bucket?

The term is known to date from at least the 16th century. The more interesting (and probably apochryphal) origin relates to suicides who would stand on a large bucket with noose around the neck and, at the moment of their choosing, would kick away the bucket.

What is bucket killing?

phrase [VERB inflects] If you say that someone has kicked the bucket, you mean that they have died. [informal] Synonyms: die, expire, perish, pass away More Synonyms of to kick the bucket.

What does drop the bucket mean?

A very small quantity
A very small quantity, especially one that is too small. For example, These contributions are just a drop in the bucket; the new church wing will cost thousands more.

Why are cars called buckets?

British English. In British slang the terms old rust bucket or simply bucket are used to refer to decrepit cars but the favoured term is old banger, often shortened to banger. The origin of the word is unknown, but could refer to the older poorly maintained vehicles’ tendency to back-fire.

What is a spin drug?

Spin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, prescribed for community-acquired pneumonia, and chronic bronchitis. It fights bacteria in the body.

What is spin in smoking?

Spin: In brief, it is a word to describe mixing tobacco with cannabis.

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