What is BacT Alert blood culture?

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What is BacT Alert blood culture?

The BacT/Alert system is a continuously monitored blood culture system for detecting bacteremia and fungemia (10). In addition to the standard BacT/Alert aerobic and anaerobic blood culture bottles, new media, designated FAN aerobic and FAN anaerobic bottles, are available.

What is BacT alert used for?

USES. BACT/ALERT 3D is used for detecting the presence or absence of microorganisms in: Blood. Sterile body fluids.

Which media is used in BacT alert?

Standard Media

Bottle Type Media Formulation Specimen Volume
BACT/ALERT® SA Standard Aerobic – Ref. 259789 40 ml supplemented tryptic soy broth (TSB) Up to 10 ml
BACT/ALERT® SN Standard Anaerobic – Ref. 259790 40 ml TSB Up to 10 ml

What is BacT alert PF plus?

SKU Number : 410853. BACT/ALERT PF PLUS culture bottles are used for the recovery and detection of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) from blood. Each case contains 100 bottles. Information : This product cannot be returned.

When Should blood cultures be taken?

Ideally blood cultures should be taken before the start of any antimicrobial therapy and as soon as possible after a spike of fever. The recommended specimen volume of blood is: Bactec Plus Aerobic/F bottle: 5-10 ml.

How is blood culture test done?

A nurse or a phlebotomist (a medical technician who takes blood) will clean your skin and insert a thin needle into your vein to draw your blood. The process will be repeated using another vein to get the most accurate results. In a lab, your blood samples will get mixed with a special material called a culture.

Which tube is used for blood cultures?

Isolater tube: 10 mL (adult) or 1.5 mL (pediatric) glass tube with yellow and black stopper containing liquid. Used for mycobacteria, fungus, or AFB blood cultures.

What media is in blood culture bottles?

Blood culture bottles contain a growth medium, which encourages microorganisms to multiply, and an anticoagulant that prevents blood from clotting. Sodium polyanethol sulfonate (SPS) is the most commonly used anticoagulant because it does not interfere with the growth of most organisms.

Why do you need 2 sets of blood cultures?

Why collect two sets (4 bottles) of blood cultures from different sites? A single set (2 bottles) provides an inadequate sample volume for adults and significantly reduces the sensitivity of the culture process. Collection of two sets (4 bottles) is the standard of care in adults2,4.

Is CBC and blood culture same?

A Blood Culture is often ordered with a Complete Blood Count (CBC) which measures white blood cells or a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) to evaluate organ function. Results from these tests can help a person’s doctor in diagnosing the cause or source of an infection.

What if blood culture is positive?

If the blood culture is positive, this means you have a bacterial or yeast infection in your blood. The results usually help your doctor identify the specific bacteria or fungi that’s causing the infection.

What color tube is used for CBC?

8. The following tests may be drawn in the same LAVENDER (PURPLE) top tube: CBC, SED RATE (ESR), RETICULOCYTE Draw an extra LAVENDER for each (GLYCOHEMOGLOBIN and BNP). 9. GLUCOSE is always drawn in a GRAY top tube.

How do you collect blood cultures?


  1. Locate the vein to be used.
  2. Remove Frepp™ from package.
  3. Place sponge on selected venipuncture site and depress once or twice to saturate sponge.
  4. Use a back and forth friction scrub for at least 30 seconds.
  5. Allow area prepared to dry for approximately 30 seconds.
  6. Proceed with collection of blood.

Which media is best for blood culture?

To identify the organism, the blood has to be sub-cultured on to the solid medium. Commonly used media are the McConkey’s agar and the blood agar.

What are the 2 blood culture bottles?

A blood culture set is defined as two bottles, an aerobic bottle and an anaerobic bottle.

What blood culture is drawn first?

The blue (aerobic) blood culture bottle should be filled first, then the purple (anaerobic) bottle as the butterfly tubing may contain air. Air entering the purple bottle will impede the growth of anaerobic organisms.

What color tube is used for blood culture?


Blood Culture Bottles are ALWAYS drawn prior to other labs to reduce contamination. .
Royal Blue No additive (serum); special glass and stopper material 7.0 mL
Red No additive 7.0 mL
Light Blue 3.2% Sodium Citrate 4.5 mL

Why do you take 2 sets of blood cultures?

What is an abnormal blood culture?

An abnormal (positive) result means that germs were identified in your blood. The medical term for this is bacteremia. This can be the result of sepsis. Sepsis is a medical emergency and you will be admitted to a hospital for treatment.

What infections do blood cultures show?

A blood culture is a test that checks for foreign invaders like bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms in your blood. Having these pathogens in your bloodstream can be a sign of a blood infection, a condition known as bacteremia.

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