What is another word for reassurance?

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What is another word for reassurance?

What is another word for reassurance?

solace consolation
consoling solacing
comfort comforting
support encouragement
assurance faith

What’s the meaning of the word reassurance?

: something that is said or done to make someone feel less afraid, upset, or doubtful.

Which is the closest antonym for the word reassuring?

antonyms for reassuring

  • aggravating.
  • depressing.
  • dispiriting.
  • distressing.
  • disturbing.
  • irritating.
  • upsetting.
  • worrying.

What is the root word of reassurance?

This adjective comes from the verb reassure, or “restore to confidence,” which adds re-, or “again,” to assure, which has the Latin root securus, “safe or secure.”

What is reassurance in health and social care?

Reassurance is not just about helping patients do away with their feelings of doubt. It is a form of interaction that aims to understand their fears and help them manage their expectations. Below are the proper ways of giving patients reassurance: Acknowledge the Concerns. Your main goal is to be trusted.

What is another way to say support us?

Some common synonyms of support are advocate, back, champion, and uphold.

What is the prefix of reassuring?

The adjective reassured dates from the 1500’s, with its meaning “restore someone to confidence” coming from the prefix re, “back or again,” and assure, from the Vulgar Latin assecurar, “to secure or to reassure.” Definitions of reassured. adjective.

What does it mean to reassure yourself?

transitive verb. 1 : to assure anew reassured him that the work was on schedule. 2 : to restore to confidence felt reassured by their earnest promise to do better. 3 : reinsure.

What is it called when you convince someone to do something?

The definition of persuade is to convince someone to do or think something.

What is reassuring in health and social care?

Why do I need constant affirmation?

Every time we seek out reassurance, we teach the brain that we only survived the “threat” because of that behaviour. Thus, the behaviour itself gets reinforced. In this sense, reassurance can become addictive. We feel anxious, and so we seek out reassurance.

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