What is Ankara style?

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What is Ankara style?

Ankara styles are very diverse in designs which make them acceptable for people with different body shapes. Whether you are slim or full-bodied, you will get the same elegance when you select the right Ankara style. It is for this reason that more people prefer them for their occasions for greater uniformity.

Do Ankara dresses fit different age ranks?

Ankara styles fit people of different age ranks. Ankara styles are special because they are designed to perfection and easily appeal to people at different ages. The older ladies do not appear to have a lot of problems with Ankara styles because they see the dresses to perfectly match with their lifestyle.

Why are Ankara style handbags so popular in Africa?

They can also match them with Ankara styled handbags and shoes to shine more on night outs with their peers. Culture in Africa has come out to be an important enriching factor for fashion designers. Ankara styles have become acceptable not just across Africa, but globally because of this enrichment.

Ankara is a fashion style that features African clothing. This style is a wax-printed cotton textile made with persevering patterns and mostly symbolic content. It dates back to the early colonial era. Such textile is usually sold as yard ware, and then later used to make one or more (more or lesser) garments. It can be worn as

What is an Ankara mix?

It’s common to see ankara materials combined with other types of fabrics to give the outfit a kind of different vibe. So, we have all sorts of ankara mix, such as ankara mixed with lace material, ankara mixed with chiffon, ankara mixed with plain materials, and ankara mixed with denim or even jersey (aka t-shirt material).

Where are Ankara fabrics made?

In fact, those regarded as the high quality or premium ankara fabrics are made in Europe. Vlisco’s Hollandais is one of the premium ankara wax, and loved by Nigerian women, and generally African women) of all ages. What’s Your Ankara Style?

Where does Ankara come from?

Because ankara fabric is popularly referred to as ‘the African cloth’, one would think that it originated from Africa. Thing is, it did not – the Europeans were some of the first manufacturers of the fabric we all now know as ‘ankara’.

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