What is an Oly platform?

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What is an Oly platform?

An Olympic lifting platform is used for highly technical Olympic lifts. Because of the dynamic nature of these lifts, a deeper platform is needed. This type of platform typically measures 8′ wide by 8-12′ deep. The center is wood while the outer edges are lined with 3/4″ thick rubber.

What is rogue ECON deadlift platform?

The 8′ x 4′ Rogue Deadlift Platform features a 2×2″ 11-Gauge Steel frame, and ships standard with (2) floor plates. This design allows for safe band use outside of a power rack without having to bolt the platform to the floor (our standard Oly Platform, by comparison, requires bolting to the ground for band work).

Do I need a deadlift platform with bumper plates?

Bumper plates are not required for performing deadlifts. That said, they are highly recommended. Bumper plates are good for deadlifts because they are the same diameter, regardless of weight. This allows you to deadlift with the bar at the optimal height even at lower weights.

How thick should my deadlift platform be?

For your base layers, you just need 4′ x8′ sheets of 3/4” plywood. This will probably come in 23/32” sizing, since it’s lower grade. You’re looking for CDX, RTD, or OSB sheets.

How do you use rogue deadlift Jack?

Get your weight up. Take the pain out of loading and unloading heavy barbells for deads and other lifts that start from the ground. Just prop the jack under the bar, pull the handle back to elevate, and slide on more weight just like you would if the bar was racked.

How big should a deadlift platform be?

Deadlift platforms: Your standard pre-made deadlift platforms is typically four feet tall by eight feet wide. This isn’t a regulation size, but for the average gym, you’ll usually see these platforms with a 4-6 foot length and an eight foot width.

Do you need bumper plates for deadlifts?

Bumper plates are the only choice for deadlifts. Doing these types of exercises with cast iron weight plates will just end up damaging your equipment. There are different types of bumper plate – standard, crumb rubber and competition. Standard bumper plates are ideal for deadlifts.

Can I mix bumper plates with regular plates?

You can mix bumper plates with iron plates without worrying about damaging your plates or barbell. However, this works as long as you add iron plates with the same weight or less to the bumper plates. Mixing bumper plates helps to protect your floor and barbell from damage.

How do I protect my floor when deadlifting?

How to protect your floor from deadlifts. Whether carpet, wood, or rubber is the best for protecting your floors….6 Ways To Protect Your Floor From Weights

  1. Do a Lot of Rack Pulls.
  2. Use Bumper Plates.
  3. Use Horse Stall Mats.
  4. Use Rolled Rubber Mats or Interlocking Rubber Tiles.
  5. Build or Purchase a Lifting Platform.
  6. Use Crash Mats.

What is an Ohio power Bar?

The Ohio Power Bar features a 29mm diameter steel shaft that has become the standard for power bars designed to be used for all of the big three power lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift). If you’re used to using the typical 28.5mm diameter shafts, then this will feel better on both the squat and bench.

Is a Texas Deadlift Bar harder?

Deadlift Bars Have Lower Tensile Strength than Stiff Bars Having a lower tensile strength does mean that it is weaker but functionally speaking, it lends to its ability to bend under a certain weight when compared to a stiff bar, which has a higher PSI.

How much does rogue deadlift bar weigh?


Gear Specs
Brand Rogue Fitness
Product Weight 60LB (+/- 2LB)
Length 89″
Width 28.5″