What is an Inglese EFI system?

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What is an Inglese EFI system?

Seeing the need for something different, Inglese, the induction gurus who know how to deliver a fuel/air mixture in style, came up with an EFI system with the classic look of an eight-pipe Weber carb setup.

What is the Inglese system?

The Inglese system uses sister company FAST’s XFI or EZ EFI electronics to manage everything, along with an optional FAST Dual-Sync distributor to light it off.

How does the EZ EFI work?

The EZ EFI’s self-learning system adjusts the fuel maps/curves, air/fuel ratio, and other factors to achieve an optimal setting. If you want to do some tweaking, the included control box (mountable anywhere in the car) lets you tweak the system for your individual tastes, even if you’re not a computer expert.

What engines do you offer EFI systems for?

We offer EFI systems for all the popular GM early engines and LS series, Ford 302, 351W, 351C, 427/428 FE, the Ford SOHC Cammer, Ford Coyote engines. The Chevrolet EFI’s are available for smallblock, bigblock, and LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, and LS7 engines. Every EFI is custom built to order.

How much does a Cammer EFI cost?

Our Cammer EFI has 58mm throttle bodies and 64 lb Bosche injectors to support 960 hp. These are in somewhat limited supply and the price is $7900.00 as shown, shipped ready to install. These come with everything, including fuel rails, fuel pressure regulator, and all sensors, which are tagged for you on all units.

What should I expect when buying an EFI?

If you’re buying an EFI, I supply a comprehensive technical data and instruction package that’s getting close to 20 pages now, including online resources. Other companies don’t supply anywhere near as much information to help you through the setup. My #1 goal is for every installation to be a 100% success.

Who is Inglese induction systems?

INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS was my original company, founded in 1980. I sold that company a long time ago and then I came back into it under my own name as JIM INGLESE EIGHT STACK SYSTEMS. The original company, INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS, was owned by Comp Cams in Tennessee, and our two companies, while sharing the name, were never affiliated.