What is an execution matrix?

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What is an execution matrix?

The execution matrix, a tool that can help the commander to complete and execute the plan, shows the most critical tasks or events of the operation in a matrix format. The commander can use it to supplement his formal OPORD as well as to assist him during the conduct of a mission.

What is Enfilade and Defilade?

A formation or position is “in enfilade” if weapons fire can be directed along its longest axis. A unit or position is “in defilade” if it uses natural or artificial obstacles to shield or conceal itself from enfilade.

Which of the following are elements of a fire support task?

The essential elements of a fire support plan are as follows: The allocation of all fire support assets. Projected changes to the allocation of fire support assets based on tactical contingencies in the OPORD. Coordination and synchronization instructions for the timely detection and attack of high-payoff targets.

What does PAA stand for artillery?

PAA – Position Area of Artillery.

What is a critical friendly zone?

Critical Friendly Zones A CFZ is an area, usually a friendly unit or location, that the maneuver commander designates as critical. It is used to protect an asset whose loss would seriously jeopardize the mission.

What is fire support plan?

Fire support planning is the continuous and concurrent process of analyzing, allocating, and scheduling fire support and integrate it with the maneuver forces to maximize combat power. To achieve this, the Maneuver Commander must plan targets necessary to support the scheme of maneuver.

What is a fire support coordination line?

Fire Support Coordination Line (FSCL) The FSCL is an FSCM that delineates the coordination requirements for the attack of surface targets. It is established by the appropriate land or amphibious commander within his boundaries in consultation with superior, subordinate, supporting, and affected commanders.

What is a PAA government?

principal accrediting authority (PAA)

What does PAA stand for in government?

Meaning. PAA. Port Authority Act (Pennsylvania) PAA.

How do I use the fire support execution matrix?

• Use the fire support execution matrix to brief the fire support portion of the operation order (OPORD) during rehearsal. Rehearse the fire support portion of the OPORD directly from the fire support execution matrix. • Conduct rehearsals with the actual units and Soldiers who will execute field artillery tasks.

What is fire support in the military?

Fire support as defined in chapter 1 is fires that directly support land, maritime, amphibious, and special operations forces to engage enemy forces, combat formations, and facilities in pursuit of tactical and operational objectives. This chapter focuses on fire support, which is the employment of fires in direct support of operations.

How are fire support tasks placed under tasks to subordinate units?

Fire support tasks may be placed under tasks to subordinate units in the base order or in the fires annex. The fires annex usually includes appendices. The complete OPORD may include, but is not limited to, appendices and tabs for: Fire support overlay.

What are the considerations for fire support operations?

Specific FS considerations include: Providing long-range shaping fires to delay, disrupt, and attrit enemy forces. Provide fires for spoiling and counter attacks. Positioning firing units forward to support a covering force to include SOF operating in zone. Ensure FSCMs, CFZs and CFFZs are established.

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