What is an Elster meter?

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What is an Elster meter?

The Elster is a Woltmann-type horizontal vane hot water meter that is particularly suited to the high and sustained flows of bulk metering to a maximum temperature of 105°C. Supplied with a factory-fitted reed switch pulse output as standard.

What is the Elster Amco V100 water line?

For measurement of a wide viscosity range, including light, medium and even heavy heating oil and diesel oil, the Elster AMCO Water line offers oil meters from 1/8” through 2”, covering flows from ¼ to 8000 gph with accuracy ± 1%. The V100 (formerly PSM190) meter is a positive displacement type meter operating on the oscillating piston principle.

What is the Elster H4000 water meter?

The Elster H4000 water meter is a Woltmann (Turbine) type designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water in commercial, industrial and water work applications. This meter can be used for primary and secondary (check) metering applications.

Why choose Elster Metering Nantong Co Ltd?

Elster Metering Nantong Co.,Ltd think forward and prepare for the future sometimes you have to say goodbye. See why it’s time to say goodbye to the mechanical water meter and hello to the bene fits of smart metering Elster Metering Nantong Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer specialized in various Water Meters since 1998 in China.

In this context Elster meters are suitable for operation in different system environments and additionally, for meters that communicate via WAN, an efficient and easy-to-integrate Meter Data Collection system for data acquisition, data processing and if necessary, transfer to advanced processing systems, is available.

Why choose Elster field?

Field proven for consistent and accurate performance in the most challenging utility environments. Whether it’s regulation, metering, data collection, data transfer or evaluation, Elster offers solutions for every application – customized to the specific needs of each individual customer – either as single components or complete systems.

What is an ultrasonic gas meter?

Elster Instromet ultrasonic gas meters are electronic measuring devices without mechanical moving parts. They are characterised by immediate response to flow changes and no pressure loss.

What is the Elster as230 GPRS modem?

The Elster AS230 bespoke GPRS/GSM/SMS wireless modem is a new member of ASLH’s well established and proven range of Delta Plus telemetry modems designed to complement Elster’s new AS230 low cost smart meter.

Why choose Elster Amco water turbine meters?

Elster AMCO Water turbine meters and compound meters provide long-life, high accuracy measurement for high volume services. The M190 is a multijet (inferential) impeller meter.

What is the difference between the Elster v210 and the M190?

The Elster V210 water meter provides optimum accuracy and performance and is designed to be installed into manifolds, boundary boxes and meter boxes that have coaxial concentric connections. This meter can be used for primary and secondary (check) metering applications. The Elster M190 is a multi-jet warm water meter with a dry register.

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