What is ACI 347?

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What is ACI 347?

ACI 347-04 A section on contract documents explains the kind and amount of specification guidance the engineer/architect should provide for the contractor. The remainder of the report advises the formwork engineer/ contractor on the best ways to meet the specification requirements safely and economically.

What is the latest ACI 301?

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) published ACI 301-20, Specifications for Concrete Construction, in October 2020. This standard specification establishes criteria for concrete construction that can be incorporated by reference into contract documents. ACI 301 is written to the contractor.

Which of the following is the ACI definition of formworks?

Definition: total system of support for freshly placed concrete including the mold or sheathing that contacts the concrete as well as supporting members, hardware, and necessary bracing (also called shuttering in the United Kingdom).- ACI Concrete Terminology.

What is formwork for concrete?

A concrete form or formwork is a support or mold that the concrete is poured into. Temporary or permanent, the formwork is built into the shape that the user wants the concrete to take when the liquid concrete begins to dry.

What is an acceptable crack in concrete?

Generally, cracks with a width of less than 0.3 mm are acceptable and do not affect the structure. However, they may develop and grow to become structural cracks. Therefore, one should monitor small cracks on houses or structures. Crack width greater than 0.3 mm can create problems for the durability of the structure.

What is the purpose of formworks?

FORMWORK is a mould or open box into which fresh concrete is poured and compacted. The purpose of formwork is to safely support the reinforced concrete until it has reached adequate strength. Formwork can be a temporary structure or a permanent mold.

What is the minimum requirement according to ACI 318 regarding the W cm and compressive strength for this concrete?

According to ACI 318 and ACI 332, the maximum water cement ratio is specified is 0.45. These documents also refer to a minimum strength requirement ( f ‘c ) of 4500 psi.

What is the ACI 318-19 standard for compressive strength?

According to section of ACI 318-19 the specified compressive strength shall be based on the 28-day test results unless otherwise specified in the construction documents. 3- or 7-day test results are used to monitor early strength gain, especially when high early-strength concrete is used.

What are the benefits of aci-35?

ACI-35 also reportedly improved three of four tested clinical parameters: It increased retention of body weight, delayed onset of a clasping motor phenotype, and extended lifespan, but it did not improve endurance on a rotarod test.

What is the status of the aci-35 trial?

In July 2020, AC Immune announced that the lowest-dose cohort was complete, that ACI-35.030 had generated positive safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity data, and that the trial was recruiting into the next-highest dose ( press release ).

Is there an appendix to the 28 CFR Part 35?

This Appendix contains guidance providing a section-by-section analysis of the revisions to 28 CFR part 35 published on September 15, 2010. Section-By-Section Analysis and Response to Public Comments

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