What is a supporting character in a movie?

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What is a supporting character in a movie?

A supporting character is a character who isn’t the main focus in the story but instead supports the protagonist in to ultimately help them achieve their goal, have a transformation, or move the story forward. They can exist as many different kinds of characters.

What are supporting characters in a story?

What Are Supporting Characters? A supporting character is a person who plays a role in the life of a story’s protagonist. Novelists and screenwriters don’t anchor a story around supporting characters, but they use them in the process of worldbuilding to create a compelling backdrop to the main character’s story arc.

Can you search IMDB by character name?

If you’re looking for a character or company, you can select these in the right hand drop down at the end of the search bar or click “See all results” to navigate to the search results page.

What is the purpose of supporting characters?

Supporting characters are just as crucial to your story as your main character. They are the ones that add depth to your story and pique the reader’s interest as they come along and contribute to or enhance to the main character’s experiences.

What are supporting characters examples?

Sidekicks, love interests, best friends, henchmen, mentors, underlings, etc.

Who is the supporting character in Harry Potter?

1. Draco Malfoy – In the sixth book, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” Malfoy, very briefly, shows his true colors. He’s on the good side. He doesn’t have the same passion to kill like the rest of the Death Eaters and Voldemort do, but he can’t fully reveal that because of his family’s alliance to Voldemort.

Who is the founder of IMDb?

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Are villains supporting characters?

While there can be villainous protagonists, villains are antagonists when they’re not the main character of the story but instead are the main source of conflict for the main characters.

What’s the difference between a main character and a supporting character?

A supporting character is a character in a narrative that is not the focus of the primary storyline, but is important to the plot/protagonist, and appears or is mentioned in the story enough to be more than just a minor character or a cameo appearance.

What are supporting actors called?

A supporting actor/actress can also be known as a ‘sidekick’ or ‘the antagonist’.