What is a SonoSite used for?

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What is a SonoSite used for?

Sonosite systems allow providers to confidently perform diagnostic exams, locate masses, target lesions, guide biopsies and initiate a proper course of treatment for each patient.

Where is Sonosite?

About Fujifilm Sonosite Headquartered near Seattle, the company is represented by a global distribution network in over 100 countries.

What is M Turbo?

FUJIFILM SonoSite’s M-Turbo Vet is a robust, lightweight and easy to use portable ultrasound that will exceed expectations in reproductive, abdominal and musculoskeletal examinations.

What is ultrasound used for physical therapy?

Your physical therapist (PT) might use therapeutic ultrasound to provide deep heating to soft tissue to increase blood circulation to those tissues. This could, theoretically, promote healing and decrease pain.

How does ultrasound help healing?

As well as heating and relaxing the muscles, ultrasound therapy breaks down scar tissue and increases local blood flow. All of this combines to increase healing rates in the area, making it a suitable way to speed up slow-healing or chronic issues.

What is a Sonosite ultrasound machine?

Originally developed for military use, SonoSite ultrasounds are designed for tough environments, multiple users, solid image quality and no-nonsense user interface. As the demand for hand-carried ultrasound machines has drastically increased, so has the demand for used SonoSite ultrasound machines.

What is the sonosite c15e used for?

The Sonosite C15E is an ultrasound transducer probe used for transthoracic imaging. The Sonosite C15E has a frequency range […] The used SonoSite C35x probe is compatible with the SonoSite SII ultrasound machine and is used for abdominal, […]

What is the sonosite L38E probe used for?

The Sonosite L38E is a 38mm broadband linear array ultrasound transducer probe used with vascular applications. The Sonosite […] The refurbished SonoSite L38v transducer is compatible with the SonoSite iVIZ ultrasound machine.

What is the difference between the sonosite c5-2 and Sonosite c35x?

The used SonoSite C35x probe is compatible with the SonoSite SII ultrasound machine and is used for abdominal, […] The Sonosite C5-2 is a curved array ultrasound transducer probe.

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