What is a read and react offense?

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What is a read and react offense?

The Read & React Offense was developed by Coach Rick Torbett. He created an offense made up of many layers based around players being able to read the action of their teammates and react accordingly. It is a system of two-player reads that ties into a seamless five-player offense.

How do you defend the read and react offense?

The end result is having a team of players who can play with or without the basketball.

  1. e.
  2. Layer #1 – Pass and Cut.
  3. Layer #2 – Post Pass and Cut.
  4. Layer #3 – Dribble At Back Cuts.
  5. Layer #4 – Circle Movement on Dribble Penetration.
  6. Layer #5 – Post Reaction on Penetration.
  7. Layer #7 – Pin and Skip.
  8. Layer #8 – Circle Reverse.

Is read and react a motion offense?

What stands out is that while no play is being run, players have automatic reactions based on the read of the ball-handler. Thus, offensive players are reacting to the reads of their teammates. This is unlike a traditional Motion Offense, where the offensive player has several choices to make based on the defense.

What is a read in basketball?

Read Line – This is the line on the court (usually the 3-point line for most teams) that serves as the “Read Line” for an automatic basket cut. That means that when a player is one pass away on the perimeter, and his defender puts even one foot onto or over the “Read Line”, that player must basket cut.

Does read and react work against zone?

We modify the man-to-man Read and React offense for attacking zones. All the basic Read and React rules apply, with the following modifications: Pass and Cut – becomes “hook and look (and hold)”. Our perimeter passer cuts, but instead of a basket cut, makes a button-hook cut into a seam or gap in the zone.

What is backdoor cut in basketball?

Basketball Backdoor Move The backdoor move is most commonly used when cutting to the basket, in what is called the backdoor cut. In a backdoor cut, the player will cut towards the basket behind his defender’s back, that way getting free to receive an easy inside pass that can result in two more points.

What is a 3 and out in football?

Three and out is a situation in American football in which a team, after starting an offensive possession, executes three plays, fails to get a first down, and then punts. The term comes from the standard practice that an offensive unit only has three “real” plays before they are expected to punt.

How do you use post players in read and react?

In the Read and React, post players (if you choose to use them) can be stationed on the ball side or weak side of the floor. Their reads on dribble penetration are the same regardless of which of these options you choose. If the ball is driven above the post player, he or she slides to the short corner.

What is the read and react offense?

The beauty of the Read and React offense is that it is taught in layers. This means that young players can play out of a few simple concepts which will build and become more complex as they gain experience.

How do you master the Read&React offense?

The Read & React is simple enough it can be mastered after constant repetition which is the key to success with this offense. After mastering the layers, it comes down to your players having solid fundamentals.

What is read and react in volleyball?

In the Read and React, the player with the ball initiates the action, while the other four players must react to the ball handler. These movements without the ball are crucial to the success of the offense and must be drilled regularly.

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