What is a Fanuc post processor?

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What is a Fanuc post processor?

Post processor is a software subroutine(sub-program) which converts graphical or non-graphical CAM software toolpath outcome into a specific NC Control(Fanuc, Sinumeric, Mazatrol, Heidenhein) Deckel-Maho etc).

What is G Code post processor?

Post Processors If you’re using a CAM package to generate G-Code, it has a Post Processor. The job of the Post Processor (or “Post” as most machinists call it), is to convert generic geometry moves in a dialect independent (and often G-Code independent) language to the particular dialect of G-Code your machine uses.

How do post processors work?

A post processor is software that takes your CAD/CAM toolpathing information and converts it into code that your CNC machine can utilize. It is essentially an interpreter, translating the language of your design into commands that the machine can follow.

Which one is a post processor statement?

Post-processor statements control the machinery, controlling coolants as well as the feeds and speeds. Auxiliary statements complete the picture, specifying the part, required tools, etc.

What is a post processor and explain its functions?

A post processor is software that converts CAM outputs into a specific code that your machine can use. Your post processor acts as the gateway between your CAM system and the machine tool. When you’re programming a part within your CAM system, that code is its own sort of language.

What is the use of post processor?

A post processor is software that translates CAD or CAM data to specific commands your CNC cutting machine can understand. Whatever CAD or CAM system you use, it has a certain point where it produces generic output called a “CL-file.”

Is post processing always required to use a CNC machine?

Installation. CNC machines don’t typically come with a post processor preconfigured, but installation can be relatively pain-free. Because it arrives as a script file, delivering your post processor can be as simple as an email attachment.

How do Post-Processors work?