What is a dresser without drawers called?

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What is a dresser without drawers called?

Bachelor’s Chest This furniture piece is considered a chest instead of a dresser because it is narrow and has limited storage space. Bachelor’s chests are sometimes small enough to also serve as nightstands.

What else can a dresser be used for?

Open to New Possibilities A partially busted dresser can be repurposed by removing any broken or wobbly drawers and adding open shelves in their place. Voilà—a simple transformation that lets you store towels, kitchen supplies, toys, and more.

What is a highboy?

highboy, also called tallboy, a high or double chest of drawers (known technically as a chest-on-stand and a chest-on-chest, respectively). The name highboy is derived from a corruption of the French bois (“wood”) and became common in English in the late 1600s. highboy. Related Topics: chest of drawers.

What is a mule chest dresser?

This unique piece of furniture has a lid that lifts from the top and a drawer or drawers below. A mule chest stands on legs or brackets and off of the floor, and most have locks. In Colonial homes, closets were virtually nonexistent. A mule chest was often the only case piece of furniture that a family owned.

What is a low boy?

lowboy, antiquarian term for a small dressing table with four or six legs and two or three drawers, resembling in some ways the lower portion of a highboy (q.v.). Lowboy and highboy were often made to match.

What does a high boy look like?

A highboy is a very tall chest of drawers that is sometimes even taller than seven feet, and it is made up of two separate pieces of furniture stacked on top of each other. Its base is a lowboy or an ordinary chest of drawers topped with a thinner chest of drawers.

What were mule chests used for?

Antique Mule Chests were most popular in the early to mid 17th Century in Oak and were often used to store clothes, linens, harness equipment or valuables and all had a large key with lock, although it is quite unusual to find them still with their original key.

What is a mule box?

Mule Box provides the following: 16′ highly-secure moving and portable storage containers, packing materials and supplies, drop off and pickup of your portable containers, climate-controlled storage facility for your moving containers and the best weather-resistant containers in the industry today.

How do you modernize an old dresser?

  1. Taper the legs and add white paint for a mid-century look.
  2. Highlight unique shapes with two different stains.
  3. Leverage “faults” (and add a bright color)
  4. Paint it, then add extra sparkle to the drawers.
  5. Do a “make-under” by removing shiny varnish and re-staining natural wood grain.
  6. Combine a bold color with natural wood.
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