What is a deep leg track?

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What is a deep leg track?

Deep leg deflection track is used at the top of a wall to allow for expected downward movement of the primary structure. A deep leg track accommodates space between the end of the stud and track and allows for deflection. Deep leg track is available in a 2″, 2.5″ and 3″ legs.

What is deflection track for metal studs?

Slotted Deflection Track is a CFS top track manufactured to prevent cracking of finishes applied to interior partition framing resulting from deflection of structure above. This is achieved by fastening studs to top track through provided slots, allowing fastener vertical movement of up to 1 ½”.

What is a deflection track for?

walls between spandrel beams or floor slabs to create. the exterior envelope of the building, a deflection track. is often required at the top of the wall to allow for the. roof or floor above to deflect without transferring. axial load to the studs.

What is slotted track used for?

Slotted track allows the vertical movement of the building and prevents axial load transfer to the wall studs. OEG Slotted Track is used in exterior curtain walls or non-load bearing walls.

What is a slip track?

A slip track is a channel section (typically the top track) of a non-load bearing or curtain wall framing assembly that is fastened to the primary structure, but left unconnected to the vertical stud members.

What is a slotted slip track?

Where are deflection heads required?

Deflection heads are used within GypWall partitions and linings or GypWall Shaft systems when needing to allow for movement (up, down or both) within the structure at the head of a partition. This movement (or deflection) is created by live and dead loads on the floor or roof above.

What is slip track in framing?

What is deflection head track?

Deflection Head Description Deflection Head is used as the top track or plate of the wall. The Deflection Head is secured to the soffit or ceiling using a fixing through the back of the track. 64mm Studs are then held in the track by a friction fit connection.

Do I need a deflection head?

What does a deflection head do?

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