What is a broad ligament?

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What is a broad ligament?

Listen to pronunciation. (brod LIH-guh-ment) The layer of tissue that connects the sides of the uterus to the walls and floor of the pelvis. The broad ligament covers the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.

What is round ligament of uterus?

The round ligaments are rope-like bands of connective tissue that support the uterus (womb). The scientific term for this round ligament is the gubernaculum. There are two round ligaments of the uterus, one on either side. Each is about 4 inches (10 centimeters) long.

What is the other name for broad ligament?

The broad ligaments (TA: ligamentum latum uteri or plica lata uteri 4) are the paired lateral folds of the parietal peritoneum which reflect over the upper genital tract in females.

Where do round ligaments attach?

The round ligament of the uterus is a ligament that connects the uterus to the labia majora.

What is round ligament of ovary?

The round ligament of the uterus: The part between the cornu of the uterus and the labia majora. It is also called ligamentum teres uteri, and it is longer than the ovarian ligament. The ovarian ligament: The ovarian ligament is the part between the cornu of the uterus and the ovary.

What are the parts of the broad ligament?

The broad ligament can be divided into three components: the mesoovarium, the mesosalpinx, and the mesometrium, also its largest component.

Why is it called the round ligament?

The round ligament of the uterus is fibro-muscular connective tissue. It appears like a round band of rope. One side of the round ligament is attached to the superior and lateral aspect of the uterus. This attachment with the uterus is at the cornu of the uterus.

Why you shouldn’t sleep on your back while pregnant?

Some experts recommend pregnant women avoid sleeping on their backs during the second and third trimesters. Why? The back sleep position rests the entire weight of the growing uterus and baby on your back, your intestines and your vena cava, the main vein that carries blood back to the heart from your lower body.

Where does the broad ligament attach?

The broad ligament is a peritoneal fold that attaches the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries to the pelvis.

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