What industry is Caltex?

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What industry is Caltex?

Caltex is a petroleum brand name of Chevron Corporation used in 29 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Southern Africa.

How many stores does Caltex?

In 2019, we began a review of our approximately 800 company-controlled retail stores, aimed at ensuring our customer offer is tailored to meet individual site and local area customer needs.

Is Caltex and Ampol the same?

Ampol Is Back In 2020 Ampol has also been part of the ethos of Caltex Australia since the two companies merged in 1995. Revitalising this iconic and strong Australian brand is an exciting move that reflects the company’s deep local heritage and experience in this market.

What happened to Caltex in Australia?

Chevron sold its stake in Caltex Australia in a $4.6 billion deal but allowed the company to continue to use the Caltex brand. That was until the end of 2019, when it decided otherwise and Caltex Australia was renamed Ampol Limited during the company’s May 2020 annual meeting.

Does Ampol own Caltex?

In December 2019, Caltex announced it would bring back the iconic Ampol brand to Australian shores. In May 2020, at its Annual General Meeting, shareholders approved the new company name and it officially changed its corporate entity to Ampol Limited.

What sector is Caltex Australia in?

convenience retailers
We are also one of Australia’s largest convenience retailers.

Where is Caltex from?

On June 30, 1936, California Texas Oil Co., Ltd. (Caltex) is created as a joint and equal venture between Standard Oil Co. (Socal, later Chevron) of California and The Texas Co. (Texaco).

Is Caltex owned by Woolworths?

In April 2019, Woolworths sold its 540 service stations to the British company EG Group for $1.72 billion. Since the sale, Woolworths-branded service stations have been progressively rebranded into EG stations….EG Australia.

EG/Caltex service station in Marayong, New South Wales
Website eg-australia.com

Can I use my Ampol fuel card at Caltex?

You can use your AmpolCard across our network of approximately 1,900 locations, including both Ampol locations and our Caltex locations that are yet to be transitioned to our Ampol brand.

Why are Caltex changing to Ampol?

Why did Ampol become Caltex?

Credit: Ampol was formerly called Caltex in Australia under a longstanding licensing agreement with Chevron, which owns the brand. The agreement fell apart late last year, with Ampol currently undertaking a $165 million rebrand to transition away from the Caltex name.

Is Caltex Woolworths changing to Ampol?

Your local petrol station may be set to receive a vintage facelift this year, with news Caltex Australia will transition its name to Ampol over the next three years, commencing in 2020.

Does Caltex Woolworths accept Ampol card?

Can I use my Ampol card at Caltex?

Where can I find Caltex products?

You can find Caltex in more than 60 countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East, including many emerging, high-growth markets. – Select country – Select countryAustraliaBotswanaCambodiaEgyptHong KongKoreaMalaysia PakistanPhilippinesSingaporeSouth AfricaSri LankaThailandUAEVietnam

What happened to Caltex Australia Limited?

In May, Caltex Australia Limited changed its name to Ampol Limited. This is the first major milestone as we revitalise and roll out Ampol across our Australian business. Our new convenience hub, Foodary, is offering fresh, healthy food on-the-go across Australia.

How many service stations does Caltex have?

Whether you need to fill up fast or get a meal on the go – there’s a Caltex near you. With more than 1,900 service stations across Australia, we’re never too far away. Our lubricants are universally trusted with a strong reputation and loyal customer base.

What’s new at Caltex Woolworths Metro?

At Caltex Woolworths Metro you can now shop for fresh food ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well pick up ready-made meals, and fill up whilst on the go. The one-stop shop offers barista made coffee, fresh produce, quality meats such as chicken and salmon, as well as delicious bakery items.