What happens if you let Pagan Min fly away?

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What happens if you let Pagan Min fly away?

Spare Pagan Min Ending If you don’t pull the trigger, you will put down the gun an sit down for dinner. This is where Pagan Min will drop a bombshell on you: you are the king of Kyrat. Pagan will then get up and lead you to where you need to go to Lakshmana.

Is Pagan Min really a villain?

Baker said he would “choose the word antagonist” to describe Pagan Min as he does not believe that he is in fact a villain. In his view, Min is caring and benevolent if somewhat temperamental, and that all he wants to be within the narrative of Far Cry 4 is a good king.

Is far Cry 4 worth playing?

The story is ehhh, but the gameplay is good, though. So even going by that, get Farcry 4. If you want the best game in the series get blood dragon. Best story too if you like tongue in cheek 80s action-fest. I was not a fan of Far Cry 4’s story, having loved the story in Far Cry 3.

How to get Far Cry 4 for free on PC?

Far Cry 4 Free Download PC game Setup direct link for Windows. It is a first person shooter game with a lot of action and adventure. Far Cry 4 PC Game 2014 Overview. Who is a young man from Nepal. The story is that the person of Nepal will come to an area to find his dead mother ashes. But he get caught up in other fight of civilians.

Is far Cry 3 better than Far Cry 4?

It’s just the setting is not near as good as what Far Cry 3 had. This is what hurts FC4, very poor locale. The music that plays when exploring and the colors in Far Cry 3 made it that more immersive. It felt like you were stuck on this island that is making you a badass. 4 just kinda plops you and says, “Go do stuff.”

Will my computer run Far Cry 4?

You would be able to run Far Cry® 4 on your PC if it meets minimum requirements below. You can also use our free test tool to check it! Minimum requirements for Windows are: OS: Windows 7 (SP1) / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / ( only) Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core™ i5-750 or 3.2 GHz AMD Phenom™ II X4 955; Memory: 4 GB

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