What happens if kitchen is in east?

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What happens if kitchen is in east?

As per Vastu Shastra, kitchen should always be made in Southeast or East direction. Following Vastu tips can bring peace and prosperity in your life. Vastu Shastra should be followed even during the construction of the kitchen. As per Vastu, kitchen should be in Southeast as it is considered the direction of Agni Dev.

Is kitchen in east good as per Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire—Agni—prevails in the southeast direction of the home, which means that the ideal placement of the kitchen is the southeast direction of your home. If for any reason, you are unable to do so, the north-west direction will work.

Is it OK to face east while cooking?

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Sink and Stove One must always face the east while cooking. Therefore, cooking appliances like microwave ovens and gas stoves need to be aligned along this direction, adds Madhuri. Place the kitchen sink along the north or north east direction.

Why should kitchen be in east?

As mentioned before, the element of fire governs the south-east direction; hence, as per kitchen vastu tips, the stove should always be placed in that direction. Also, the person using the stove should face the east. This is considered an auspicious kitchen stove direction as per vastu.

Can we keep stove in east direction?

Can you put hot water in the toilet?

Do NOT pour boiling water down your sink or toilet. In recent years, DIYers looking to find a green alternative to chemical products have suggested pouring a potful of boiling water into a clogged sink or toilet to clear a clog.

How can I remove vastu dosh at home?

10 Proven Vastu Dosh Remedies

  1. Best Vastu Dosh Remedies.
  2. Picture On the Front Wall.
  3. Wind Chimes at Home.
  4. Add Crystal Balls.
  5. Use Sea Salt to Remove Negativity.
  6. Place a Horseshoe at the Entrance.
  7. Use Camphor Crystals to Remove Troubles.
  8. Place a Mirror in the Right Direction.

Can we keep fridge in east direction?

Refrigerators should never be kept facing north-east. The refrigerator should be placed in the kitchen’s south-east, west, or north direction. The south-west should be avoided because it can cause troubles.

What are the Vastu tips for north east kitchen?

North-East Kitchen: Vastu Remedies and Tips. 1. Keep the gas stove in the South-East corner of present kitchen. 2. Keep the North-East portion of the kitchen empty, clean and clutter free. If possible, slope the building towards North-East corner. 3. If there is any window in North-East part then keep it open at all times.

What are the best Vastu remedies for home?

Vastu Remedies for the home:- Kitchen Vastu defect (North East, South West or Centre). Do not keep sink filled with dirty utensils. Keep vastu kalasha in north east corner of the kitchen. Place tulasi in kitchen window. Keep alternate fire element in actual south east corner of the house.

How can I decorate my kitchen with Vastu Kalasha?

Keep vastu kalasha in north east corner of the kitchen. Place tulasi in kitchen window. Keep alternate fire element in actual south east corner of the house. You can keep red jasper pyramid or red jasper pebbles as a alternate for fire element Keep natural himalayan crystal behind the sink. Fix 3 vastu zinc helix on the wall behind the stove.

How to arrange Vastu mahayatram in home?

Place petrified wood pebbles in basket in south west corner of the kitchen. Female in the house to wear a carnelian pendant. Use brown shade in the kitchen area. Keep vastu mahayatram in the home temple duly blessed. Keep labradorite rock or sphere near the stove. Place vastu copper corners in the ceiling of the kitchen.

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